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Pressure Cooker Type Portable Autoclave

Portable autoclave sterilizers by Bionics Scientific are designed for general purpose sterilization jobs at dental clinics, nursing homes and hospitals etc. The standard models of these systems are available from 5 to 20 liters of capacities. In addition to standard models, we also offer customized portable autoclaves at highly competitive price.

Designed ergonomically, our portable autoclaves feature long years of worry-free performance, maximum efficiency and safe operation. Being compact in design, these systems occupy very low bench space; hence, perfect for places where space is a major issue. They are also simple to use, operator needs to special training prior using. No installation is needed, all you need plug and use.

Each unit constructed with heavy gauge aluminum or stainless steel material (optional). The chamber generates steam pressure 15 psi to 18psi under working temperature 121°C to 140°C. Each system is tested on certain parameters of successful sterilization ensuring safe operation always. These portable autoclaves are equipped with safety devices that protect operator and samples from over-pressure, over current and other mishandling conditions.


Portable design for low bench space 5 to 20 liters of chamber capacities
No specific installation required Simple to use, just plug and operate
Aluminum or stainless steel construction Fast sterilization approx. 20 min
Over pressure protection Heat resistant handles
ISI marked gasket and heating element Full range of optional accessories


Capacity (Liters) 5 Liters 10 Liters 15 Liters 20 Liters
Working Temperature 121°C – 140°C
Operating Pressure 15 PSI / 18 PSI
Sterilization Time 1 to 0.99 Minutes
Construction 304 Grade Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Safety - CE Marked Pressure Valves
- Lid Locks
- Steam & vacuum release valve
Heating Electric Heating, Optional Non-electric (Gas)
Certification CE Marked
Power AC 220V / 50Hz
Optional Accessories - Digital temperature indicator
- Sterilization indicator
- Buzzer
- Low water sensor
- Low water cut-off device
- Containers and baskets
- Aluminium basket with handle
- Stainless Steel Wire Basket
- Plastic Disinfectant Tray
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