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Front Loading Type Portable Autoclave

There are some small articles and objects that need to be sterilized and with small autoclave sterilizers manufactured by Bionics Scientific, these practices become easy. These units are suitable for wrapped / un-wrapped / liquid / utensils etc. They are widely used in hospitals, blood banks, bio-medical laboratories that produce infectious waste medical waste. These units can efficiently treat all types of infectious waste, clinical instruments and other materials.

Designed with extremely user-friendly controls, operating temperature up to 121°C, these systems are efficiently suited for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing. These machines are safe for operators as well as objects to be sterilized. These small autoclave systems are durable and possess fully stainless steel structure.

Our small autoclave sterilizers are either front or top loading type and are compliant with national and international sterilizing standards to meet demanding results in medical and healthcare applications. Being fully customized, these small autoclave machines are made to order and designed with matched specifications provided by customers.


Suitable for small sterilizing applications Front and top loading type
Chamber volume 8 to 24 liters Carrying handle for lifting and moving
Over temperature protection Over pressure protection
Occupy very less space Fully stainless steel construction


Volume 8Liters 16 Liters 24 Liters
Temperature 121°C
Working Pressure 0.9 - 2.1 Kg/cm²
Chamber Construction SS 304 / 316
Timer 0 - 60 min
Display Temperature / Pressure Gauge
Function Display LED Display
Water Fill Manual
Power Supply 220 / 240 Volts
Approval / Certification CE, GMP, ISO 14000
Safety Device - Over-heat (low water) cut-off switch
- Safety valve and release valve
- Emergency exhaust valve
- Pressure control switch
Extras - Integrated thermal printe
- Stainless steel tray frame
- Stainless steel tray
- Stainless steel tray pulling holder
- Stainless steel Sterilization spring holders
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