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Fume Hood

Laboratory Fume Hood Stations by Bionics Scientific are available in various sizes and dimensions to meet specific requirements of your research. These fume hoods have a choice of vertical or horizontal sliding sash and MS or stainless steel construction. The standard sizes of our fume hoods are available in most demanded requirements (4ft, 5 ft, 6 ft & 8 ft).

Often known as chemical fume hood, these Fume Hoods also dilute effect on flammable gases and vapors. Our product range includes general purpose fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, and mobile units; designed with number of optional features and specifications required to meet critical challenges in laboratory research areas worldwide.


Durable and chemical-resistant construction High performance centrifugal blower
Powder Coated Mild Steel / Stainless Steel MOC Ductless design
Double wall construction Easy to clean surfaces
Vertical or horizontal sliding sash Efficient fluorescent lighting
Energy saving blowers CE & ISO certified

Detailed Description:

Construction: Our fume hoods come with double wall construction made of Epoxy Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel as required by customer. It is ensured that the exterior is matched with the base unit. The inner walls and baffles are made of molded reinforced thermoset epoxy resins that meet or exceed NFPA 45 standard on Fire protection for laboratories using chemicals. The jambs are radiuses and aerodynamically designed to reduce the turbulence as the air enters the hood. The construction materials of our fume hoods are used as mild steel, type 304 or 316 stainless steel (Epoxy Coated).

Sashes: Our standard models of fume hoods are generally equipped with vertical sashes but as required horizontal sashes can be fixed. The sliding sash of fume hoods rides in 18 gage type 316 stainless steel stainless steel sash guides. Tempered safety glass is used as standard.

Controls: Our fume hoods are equipped with easy to use controls which are fixed outside the working area in order to provide convenient working environment. These fume hoods have start / stop switches for whole the unit and a light on / off switch.

Lighting: Our fume hoods are Supplied with fluorescent bulb shielded from the hood interior by laminated safety glass or tempered glass panel. The bulb is operated by a on / off switch and bulb changing process is done from the hood exterior without major disassembly of the unit.

Alarm: Our fume hoods are equipped with highly reliable audio / visual alarm device capable enough of detecting a drop or rise in airflow (no static pressure) through the hood unit. If the fume hood exhausts volume falls below a preset exhaust level, the alarm will alert the operator by sound and visual sign. The monitor also uses dual theristor or dual diode sensing system to measure the velocity. The sensor in fume hoods is mounted in a flow tube placed on either side wall or front face of the fume hood. Local Audible and visual alarms have capabilities for remote monitoring hook up. These fume hoods are designed in both ducted and ductless pattern.

Fume Hood Specifications

Model.No BST/FH-422 BST/FH-522 BST/FH-622 BST/FH-733 BST/FH-833
Working Size (ft.) 4' x 2' x 2' 5' x 2' x 2' 6' x 2' x 2' 7' x 3' x 3' 8' x 3' x 3'
MOC CRCA 18G Epoxy Powder Coated
Stand M.S Pipe (18G) Powder coated
Working Table Top M.S Powder Coated Sheet Covered with P.P Sheet
Exhaust System Motor Blower Assembly Covered with G.I Sheet
Door / Sash Door vertical Folding Type.
Air Velocity ≥0.5m/s
Noise Level 65dBA
Glass Window Two layer toughen glass, 5mm thickness, Motor Control, height adjustable
Make-up Air Air needed to replace the air exhausted from a room by the fume hood and other ventilation devices.
Face Velocity The velocity of the air passing through the work opening of the fume hood measured in the plane of the sash. Measured in feet per minute (fpm), or liters per minute.
Electrical Fittings Electrical Sockets & MCB Switch
Illumination Fluorescent Lamp or UV Lamp
Optional - HEPA Filter
- Caster wheels
- Horizontal sash
- SS 314 / SS 316 MOC
- Temperature indicator
- Face Velocity Meter
- Airflow Indicator
- Audio / Visual alarm
Power source 220 / 230 Volts

Types of Fume Hoods:

Air Foil Fume Hood Flat Front Fume Hood Thin Wall Fume Hood
Walk-In Fume Hood Demonstration Fume Hood Double-Sided Fume Hood
Perchloric Fume Hood Radio Isotope Fume Hood Benchtop Fume Hood

All Fume Hood models are equivalent to international quality standards and are manufacturing under ISO certified quality system. To know more about quotation, warranty and supply details of our fume hoods please contact Bionics Scientific. The support team will assist you with precise information you require.

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