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Glove Box HEPA Filter

Filtration glove box is often known as powder containment isolator especially used for handling, weighing and packaging pharmaceutical powders. This glove box operates under HEPA or ULPA filtered negative pressure atmosphere. This filtration glove box is either made with acrylic plastic or stainless steel as required.


HEPA or ULPA filtration Open or closed loop filtration
Ideal for powder handling Acrylic or stainless steel construction
Modular design Negative pressure operation


Model BST/FGB2
Material Acrylic / Polycarbonate Plastic
Air Locker Chamber Size 240 L x 240 W x 240 H mm
Containment Chamber Size 900 L x500 W x500 H mm
Product Overall Size 1250 L x 500 W x 500 H mm
Pressure Range Main Chamber - 90Kpa ˜ 120Kpa
Air Lock Chamber - 10Kpa ˜ 120Kpa
Glove Ports Two-Port Glove box (One Operator)
Filter Type HEPA (Inlet / Outlet)
Standard accessories - Analog Pressure gauge: 01 No.
- Internal plug strip: 01 No.
- Latex Gloves: 01 pair
Optional - Stainless steel construction
- Blower Module
- Butyl Rubber Gloves
- Four ports
- Oil free vacuum pump & fittings
- Spare port (G 1/4 female)
- Shelf
- Extra Internal plug Strip
- Arrangement for Weighing Balance / Hot Plate
- Stand - Powder Coated MS / Stainless Steel

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