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Glove Box Lithium Ion Battery

We manufacture Glove Box for Lithium Ion Battery research. For manufacturing high efficiency batteries, we design and fabricate glove box that provides moisture free inert atmosphere which is prime requisite for lithium ion battery assembly unit. This glove box offers a cost effective solution to Universities and commercial firms need to do their li-ion battery research.

Our glove box for lithium ion battery research is designed to provide users a comfortable unit which is easy to use and safe to operate. PLC panel ensures incorrect valve positions do not damage the unit. The whole unit is made of corrosion resistance stainless steel with transparent front panel, made of plastic and can be removed to put samples inside the chamber.

A high quality gas purification system is used which can achieve < 2ppm O2 and H2O working environment (Li-Ion battery assembling requires < 11 ppm moisture). This gas purification system comes with Humidity analyzer (0 – 999 ppm). A large capacity moisture filter is fitted at the bottom of the cart which soaks up to 1.5 kg of moisture content. The gas purification system is controlled by color touch PLC panel.


Model BST/VGB-7H2
Construction material 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions 1230 mm(L) x 740mm(W) x 900mm(H)
Total Height with frame 1860 mm
Max. Positive Pressure 810 Torr (flowing gas only, not designed for vacuum)
Airlock Chamber with Airlift 360mm(ID) x 435mm(L)
Max. Vacuum Level 0.05 Torr
Leakage Rate < 3 Torr/hour
Standard Accessories - Gas purification system
- PLC touch panel
- Foot Pedal
- H2O analyzer
- One pair latex gloves
Optional Accessories - Vacuum pump & fittings
- Butyl Rubber Gloves
- Three / Four Glove Ports
- Stand- Powder Coated MS / Stainless Steel
Note: Dual chamber glove box can also be configured for Li-ion battery research
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