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Stainless Steel Glove Box

Designed with stainless steel housing, this stainless steel glove box offers durability and ruggedness with increased chemical resistance and low humidity characteristics. Our stainless steel glove box is an ideal choice where loading of bulky equipment is prime requisite. The stainless steel construction safeguards equipment and operators both from unwanted events.

This steel glove box is fitted with all important accessories including airlock chamber, gauges and vacuum flanges; allowing operator to run the system under vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without inert gas purging. Stainless steel glove box combines all features scientists and researchers need to process air sensitive materials and solutions.


Air Lock size (mm) 210 (Dia.) x 260 (L) 240 (Dia.) x 260 (L) 360 (Dia.) x 260 (L)
Main chamber size (mm) 600 (W) x 450 (D) x 420 (H) 780 (L) x 650 (W) x 700 (H) 1120 (W) x 740 (D) x 900 (H)
Front window size (mm) 500 (W) x 165 (H) 710 (W) x 320 (H) 1040 (W) x 400 (H)
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Max. positive pressure 810 Torr
Max. vacuum level 0.5 Torr
Standard accessories - Vacuum flanges: 02 Nos.
- KF 25 Connector: 01 No.
- Internal plug strip: 01 No.
- Latex Gloves: 01 pair
Optional - Vacuum pump & fittings
- Butyl Rubber Gloves
- Three / Four Glove Ports
- Stand- Powder Coated MS / Stainless Steel
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