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Transparent Glove Box

Made from acrylic plastic, these transparent glove boxes are basic systems designed for general inert atmosphere applications in laboratories. These transparent glove boxes can be further customized to meet specific requirements of your research. These transparent glove boxe systems are highly easy to use, benchtop in design, lightweight in nature and compact. Being basic models, these transparent glove boxes are available at very economical price.

We offer two standard models of transparent or clear view glove box systems. Both models of transparent glove boxes are almost similar in design with a difference of pressure controller. These transparent glove boxes are purely transparent allowing users to see clear from any angle. These transparent glove box systems are light weight and can be lift and moved by 2 people easily. Each unit can be configured for 1 person (2 gloves) or 2 persons (4 gloves) usages.


Made from acrylic plastic Transparent clear view from every angle
Vacuum air locker and side door Chemical and scratch resistance cabinet
Prevent moisture absorption Portable size occupies less bench space
Easy to clean interior Light weight construction


Pressure Controller No Yes
Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge No Range: 0 to 101Kpa
(Absolute Pressure)
Valves Three manual valves Three manual valves
Two solenoid valves
Construction Acrylic sheet
Glove Box Dimension (mm) 1150 L x 500 W x 500 H
Containment Chamber(mm) 875 L x 480 W x 500 H
Air Lock Chamber(mm) 230 L x 230 W x 230 H
Plastic thickness 6 mm
Side Door size 400 mm diameter
Glove port's size 151 mm Dia
Pressure Range Main Chamber - 90Kpa ˜ 120Kpa
Air Lock Chamber - 10Kpa ˜ 120Kpa
Glove Ports Two-Port Glove box (One Operator)
Standard accessories - Analog Pressure gauge: 01 No.
- Internal plug strip: 01 No.
- Latex Gloves: 01 pair
Optional Accessories - Butyl Rubber Gloves
- Three/Four-Port Glove box (Same-Side Ports)
- Four-Port Glove box (Back-to-Back Ports)
- Oil free vacuum pump & fittings
- Spare port (G 1/4 female)
- Shelf
- Extra Internal plug Strip
- Microscope view port with Flexible or movable Eyepiece
- Arrangement for Weighing Balance / Hot Plate
- Stand (Powder Coated MS / Stainless Steel)
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