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Dental Furnace

Dental furnace by Bionics Scientific is definitely an example of excellent engineering and especially designed for sintering of Zirconia materials. Competing price and performance ratio as compared to any other brand available on Indian market today, it fulfills all dental furnace jobs very efficiently and a must have equipment for dental clinics and laboratories. Intelligently designed and manufactured with advanced technology, our dental furnace lets you experience tremendous muffle heat distribution and steady heat rise speed.

It features fully programmable operation resulting easy and fast operation. With 1700°C maximum temperature, 1650°C working temperature, high purity alumina fiber internal chamber, it proves to be perfect solution for variety of dental heat treatment applications. The unit is fully programmable and driven by touch screen menus, which makes sintering work easier and relaxing.


Ideal for sintering of Zirconia materials 1700°C maximum temperature
Chemical resistance free heating element Homogeneous heat transfer
Fully programmable touch screen control Alumina fiber inner chamber
Ergonomic design occupies less space Chamber with auto lift and drop tray


Model BST/DF-1700Z
Max. temperature 1700°C
Working temperature 1650°C
Heating Rate 0 - 30°C
Accuracy ±1°C
Temperature zone Single
Heating Element MoSi2
Thermocouple B Type
Temperature control PID controller
Chamber structure Circular and bottom lift
Inner chamber size Ø120 x 120mm
Power supply 110 - 240 Volts, 50/60Hz
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