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Gold Melting Furnace

We design, manufacture and supply melting furnace for gold, silver, brass and other alloys. With use of advanced technology and high quality components these systems are ideal heating equipment for jewelers and other jewelry designing companies. These gold furnace systems are compact jewellery furnace systems, come with maximum temperature of 1500°C and are available in both standard and custom designs matched with specific requirements of the customers.


Available up to 1500°C temperature Faster gold melting
Digital Operating controls Energy efficient
Low maintenance required Delivers safe operation

Gold melting furnace often called gold smelter, comes with durable construction and made of double walled stainless steel. For enhanced thermal efficiency ceramic fiber is used between outer and inner chambers. The temperature is regulated by a microprocessor based digital controller which ensures temperature stability of +/-1°C. For safe operation of the equipment, over temperature controller protects the heating elements. Heating elements are easy to replace, made of international standard quality material and fluxes resistant.


Model BST-1300GMF BST-1400GMF BST-1500GMF
Temperature Range 1300°C 1400°C 1500°C
Temperature Stability + / - 1°C
Temperature Control Digital controls w/ LED display
Construction Double walled stainless steel
Outer body 18 gauges stainless steel
Safety Over temperature protection
Insulation Ceramic Fiber
Optional Accessories Carbon or Quartz Stirring Rod, Long Tweezers, Kerr Super Flux, Spare Heating Element
Power Supply 220 Volts

We are promising to provide international quality gold melting furnace. As a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we also provide custom designing of gold furnace systems. Customers who require specific design and temperature in their gold furnace may contact support team either for warranty, price, and quotation and other important details.

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