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Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnaces and brazing furnaces by Bionics Scientific are engineered for high temperature laboratory and industrial heat treatment applications including sintering, brazing, stress-relieving and annealing etc. From aerospace, tool room, powder and metal companies to gas turbine industry, our vacuum furnace units meet most demanding needs of production and research departments.

Our vacuum furnaces are horizontal and front loading in nature and manufactured to confirm AMS 2750D/BS 5500 Cat 3 British Pressure Vessel standards. The standard units are manufactured with maximum temperature range from 1200°C to 1600°C. Temperature is controlled by 30 segment PID controller, which ensures excellent level of temperature accuracy and reliability. The horizontal vacuum chamber is double walled constructed with provision of water cooling keeping your samples safe from any unwanted conditions.

In addition to manufacturing standard models, we also offer custom designed vacuum furnaces. These are horizontal laboratory units and are customized for specialized processing needs. We bring our expertise in designing, construction and installation at your site. These units are also exported to various African and Middle East countries at highly competitive price.


1200°C to 1600°C max. temperature Double shell construction with water cooling
Customizable chamber size Programmable PID temperature controller
ASME standard construction Heat resistant painted outer chamber
Excellent thermal insulation Built-in safety mechanism
Uniform temperature distribution Meet diversified heat treatment needs


Model BST/VF-1200N BST/VF-1400S BST/VF-1600M
Max. Temperature 1200°C 1400°C 1600°C
Working Temperature 1100°C 1300°C 1500°C
Heating rate ≤20°C/min ≤15°C/min ≤15°C/min
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C ±1°C ±1°C
Temp. Control 30 Segments PID Control 30 Segments PID Control 30 Segments PID Control
Heating Element Fe-Cr-Al-Mo wire SiC heater MoSi2 Heater
Max. Vacuum 10Pa 10Pa 10Pa
Furnace Structure Double shell w/ Water cooling Double shell w/ Water cooling Double shell w/ Water cooling
Accessories - Over temperature protection
- Vacuum system
- Gas quenching system
- Data recorder (optional)
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