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Sodium Ion Meter

BSSIM10 Sodium ion meter is a microprocessor-based instrument specifically developed for use in continuous measurement and determination of sodium ion concentration. This Sodium Ion Meter is known for highly simple, fast and accurate sodium ion concentration measurement and features water proof keyboard, low space and extremely user friendly controls. We are supplying this table top model of sodium ion meter to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East at great price.


Table top design Water proof keyboard
Large LCD screen Large easy readable font size
Fast and accurate measurement Data export to PC via USB cable

BSSIM10 is a table model of Sodium Ion Concentration Meter that features intelligent measuring and automatic judge stability function. With highly accurate, fast and simple operation and is high in demand in laboratories, schools, and research institutes, chemical, petrochemical and monitoring of high purity water in power plants.

This unit comes with large bright LCD display and large easy to read fonts, enabling users to view measurement very clear. This meter occupies less space and hence this is perfect for laboratories were space is a major issue.

Water proof construction keeps the instrument safe from spills of water and other chemicals.

This unit is equipped with RS-232 interface, that can connect serial printer, can communicate with computer if using Software of Data Acquisition.


Model BST-SIM10
Product Sodium Ion Concentration Meter
Measurement Range Na+(0.00 to 9.00)pNa
Units pNa, mol/L, mg/L and ppm
mV ±1999.9 mV
Temperature (-10 to 110)°C
Accuracy Na+ ±0.01pNa
Accuracy mV ±0.1% mV
Accuracy Temperature 0.5°C
ATC (0 to 50)°C
Storage Data 600 groups
Computer Interface RS232 Cable
Power DC9V/300mA
Accessories - Sodium ion electrode
- Reference electrode
- Temperature probe
- Intelligent stirrer
- Flexible electrode holder
- Instruction Manual
- RS-232 communication software
Certifications CE & ISO
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