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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum oven, unlike general purpose oven, dries samples without oxidation and residue. Vacuum oven is an ideal choice; where, samples are dried in absence of atmosphere (vacuum condition) or presence of inert atmosphere (Argon, Nitrogen, Clean Dry Air). A vacuum oven has two ports; Vacuum Port with needle valve to connect vacuum pump and another is Inert Gas Port with needle valve to connect with gas cylinder. A microprocessor PID controller is fitted in vacuum oven to control the temperature inside the chamber. Analog vacuum gauge displays vacuum level. Temperature thermostat keeps the unit safe if temperature exceeds beyond set degree of vacuum oven.

The purpose of using vacuum oven is to eliminate surface reactions (condensation or oxidation) on the parts inside the oven. While determining the drying process, it is mandatory to define the chamber size, vacuum pump capacity and level of desired vacuum, and time to achieve this vacuum level.

Bionics Scientific is a leading vacuum oven manufacturing company in India. It has been highly acclaimed by experts from food, pharmaceutical and metal manufacturing units and other research organizations for its innovate range of vacuum ovens and customized solutions to meet specific research application. Our vacuum ovens are suitable for delicate drying processes, for example drying tiny parts or removing flammable solvents.

Our vacuum ovens accommodate nitrogen or inert gas purging / venting and supplied completely with vacuum pump and connection kits with over temperature protection device fitted. Temperature chart recorders and printers are optional. These vacuum ovens are often operated at temperature up to 200°C. The standard models of vacuum oven come with 45 liters to 520 liters of volume. Each vacuum oven delivers excellent heat transfer, fast heat up and safe operation.


Ideal for oxygen sensitive materials Solid door or with toughened glass door
Round or rectangular chamber design Short heating and process time
Adjustable safety thermostat Digital timer and alarm
Excellent sealing at all vacuum levels High temperature door gasket


Model BST-VO4500 BST-VO1100 BST-VO2200 BST-VO2600 BST-VO3500 BST-VO5200
Capacity (Cu. Ft) 1.5 Cu. Ft 3.8 Cu. Ft 7.7 Cu. Ft 9.1 Cu. Ft 12.3 Cu. Ft 18.3 Cu. Ft
Capacity (Liters) 45 Liters 110 Liters 220 Liters 260 Liters 350 Liters 520 Liters
Maximum Temperature 250°C
Temperature Fluctuation + / - 1°C
Temperature controller PID Controller or HMI Controller
Sensor type PT100
Doors Solid Door
Heater Kanthal plate & Wire Strip heater
Chamber Design Rectangular or Cylindrical (Round)
Inner chamber SS 304
Exterior Powder coated galvanized steel
Insulation Glass wool
Shelves 1 or 2
Ports Vacuum port, Inert gas port and Vent port
Safety Device Over pressure limit / Over load breaker / Timer & Alarm, fuse
Vacuum Range 10 mbar to 1100 mbar
Vacuum Control Digital electronic vacuum control through solenoid valves
Vacuum pump Standard or oil-free pump
Optional - 300°C or 400°C max temperature
- RS 232 computer interface
- Temperature Chart Recorder
- Vacuum Chart Recorder
- Safety thermostat
- Programmable logic control
- Stainless steel external cabinet
- Extra shelves
- Residual Gas Analyzer
- Door with toughened glass
- Buzzer
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