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Freeze Dryer - Lyophilizer

Freeze Drying (Lyophilization)

Freeze Drying or Lyophilization is a such a dehydration process in which is water is removed for the frozen sample using purified vacuum condition. This process is followed by first stage Sublimation (primary drying) and last stage Desorption (secondary drying). In lyophilization process, where water in ice form on the frozen goods can be directly lyophilized into steam without melting in advance, thus the goods are dried. The substances frozen can be well-preserved for a long time and returned to their former state once being watered without losing their biochemical properties. The freeze drying technology is especially ideal for those bio-products sensitive to antibiotic, vaccines, blood products, enzymes and hormones.

Freeze Dryer For Pharma and Lab Use

Located in New Delhi, India, we are leading company engaged in designing, manufacturing and supplying of lab scale freeze drying machines (lyophilizer) at a price that make these units available at best value in the Indian and overseas market. Our Laboratory Freeze Dryers are recognized as top performing machines in the industry. Their water catching capacity and capability are incomparable.

Our Laboratory Freeze dryers / Lyophilizers are especially designed for bio-products sensitive to antibiotic, vaccines, blood products, enzymes and hormones. These freeze drying systems are perfect for both routine and specialized freezing experiments of little amount of products in laboratories.

Our standard product range is available with ice capacities from 3 Liter, 4 Liter, 5 Liter, 6 Liter and 8 Liter; we also manufacture freeze dryers up to 24 Liters capacities if required. The standard cold trap temperature of our machines is -40°C or below and -80°C is available as an option. Available as benchtop and floor mounting units, these lab scale systems offer user friendly control system and rugged construction for long service life. In addition, we have large combination of options and accessories that may require in variety of applications.

We have years of extensive experience in freeze drying, so we are perfect for companies that want customized solutions for their production and research. It is the quality of our products that make our brand name popular worldwide. We carefully design each freeze drying unit following factory testing before shipment to the client. We also support our systems with full documentation of design, operation and installation (DQ / OQ / IQ), ensuring you are buying a perfect system in every ways.


3 to 8 Liters ice capacities -40°C or -80°C temperature
CFC refrigeration system Precise vacuum control
Corrosion resistant construction Audio visual alarm
Digital PID controller Simple to install and operate
Wide range of accessories are available Single or two stages cooling system


Model BST-LY101 BST-LY102 BST-LY103 BST-LY104 BST-LY105
Max. ice capacity 3 L 4 L 5 L 6 L 8 L
Ice condenser performance 2L / 24Hr 3L / 24Hr 3.5L / 24Hr 4.5L / 24Hr 5.5L / 24Hr
Cold trap temperature -40°C or below (-80°C Optional)
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Controls Refrigeration ON/OFF
Vacuum ON/OFF
Controller PID controller
Refrigeration System HCFC / CFC Free, -55°C (-86°C optional)
Compressor 1/3 HP (hermetically sealed)
Defrost Hot gas solenoid system or heater defrosting
Pressure Control Automatic or Manual
Drain connection Side mounted
MOC Exterior - Powder coated MS
Exterior top - SS 304
Drying chamber - SS 304
Cold Trap Chamber - SS 304
Lids - Acrylic
Optional - Two stages cooling system
- Fast freeze flasks
- Fast freeze adaptor
- Extra ports manifold
- Vacuum pump
- Caster wheels
- RS 232 printer interface
- USB interface
- Stainless steel exterior
- Stoppers
- IQ/OQ documentation
- Clean room configuration
- Chart recorder
Power Supply 220 Volts
  • High ice capacity lyophilizers are also constructed on demand
  • Tray type lyophilizer is constructed on demand
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