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Open Air Type Shaker

With our Open Air Type Shakers, you get excellent orbital or reciprocating shaking operations with precise speed control. Coming in both small capacity and large capacity these Open-Air Platform Shakers are ideal for shaking in ambient conditions. Use these open air shakers on the bench, in incubators or in a warm or cold room. With rugged construction these open type shaking systems provide dependable and continuous shaking.

Using advanced technology, we have designed and manufactured open air platform shakers keeping in mind the user experience and matching to current research scenario. These laboratory shakers are microprocessor controlled and offer many useful features such as user-friendly digital controls, over speed alarm and self correcting feedback controls etc. With availability of single layer and double layers, these systems are the most suitable equipment available on the market.


Available in both single and double layers Up to 500 hours timer
Optional spacing racking system P.I.D microprocessor Control
25 – 500 RPM shaking speed Audio and visual alarm
Triple eccentric, counterbalanced drive mechanism Optional over size platforms

These Open air type shakers are widely used in pharmaceutical industries, research centers, biochemical industries etc. Due to ease of operation, durable construction and excellent working facilities, these open air orbital shakers have been widely acclaimed.

These units have been designed shaking work for various laboratory vessels. With active feedback control which is driven by brushless dc motor, these models offer excellent shaking motion. These open type shakers provide noiseless operation, contact shaking speed even with input power fluctuations. The whole unit is controlled by touch keypad control panel situated on front side. For convenient reading, speed setting, monitoring, speed and time display these open air shakers have been equipped with high contrast LCD display.

Looking forward to the user experience and research requirements our open type shaker models come in different capacities and types. With a choice of small and large capacities these units provide a reliable solution for all kinds of laboratory research. In general these models are designed with single layer and double layer options and a number of optional accessories are also provided on demand.


Shaker Type Single Layer Double Layer
Controls PID Microprocessor PID Microprocessor
Shaking Speed 25 – 500 RPM
Timer Up to 500 Hr
Display LCD w/ Backlit
Shaking Type Orbital / Reciprocating
Drive Mode Eccentric Drive
Construction Stainless Steel
Safety Over speed protection, Circuit breaker
Power Supply 110 / 220 Volts
Certifications CE, ISO

We are an open air shaker manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India and supply these unitsto all over Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. Before delivery each unit is checked and tested inside factory and after passing it is delivered to the destination with high quality packing.

To know more, you are welcome to send us an email mentioning all your queries. Our support team will assist you with complete information including open air shaker price, warranty, service and delivery details.

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