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Platform Rotary Shaker

All Indian and International laboratories are benefiting from our platform rotary shakers available as fixed and variable speed type. These platform rotary shaker systems are acclaimed by industry experts for their high performance rotation, mixing and durability. Following systems are ready in-stock available for quick supply along with order; in addition, we also design and manufacture customized rotary flask shakers at reasonable price to meet individual requirements. All you need to provide us your technical specifications including platform size, flask capacity and speed range.


Capacity up to 500 ml flask Non-slip pad minimizes risk of damage
Durable MS construction Maintenance free operation
Digital timer Rotary speed regulator


Model No. Platform Flask Capacity Motor HP
BST/RS-425 45 x 45 cm 100 ml x 25 0.25
BST/RS-436 45 x 45 cm 50 ml x 36 0.25
BST/RS-416 45 x 45 cm 250 ml x 16 0.25
BST/RS-525 55 x 55 cm 250 ml x 25 0.25
BST/RS-636 65 x 65 cm 250 ml x 36 0.25
BST/RS-181 100 x 100 cm 250 ml x 81 1.00
BST/RS-182 100 x 100 cm 500 ml x 81 1.00
Platform Rubber discs or Stainless Steel clamps
Construction Mild Steel (MS) Stoving Enamel / Powder Coated Paint
Speed Range 20 to 250 RPM
Speed controller Rotary knob
Timer Automatic 0-60 minute digital timer
Power supply 220V AC 50 Hz
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