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Rocking Shaker

This new generation rocking shaker is attractive, flexible, reliable and high performance laboratory equipment widely used in applications of medical, chemical, biological and other laboratories, where rocking motion is required. This rocking shaker features smooth, quiet, uniform, and yet powerful shaking motion.

This laboratory rocking shaker adapts motor feedback system for higher speed accuracy. The big service flat platform provides enough space for samples, non-slip pads minimizes risk of slipping. This unit offers easy title angle with gradient ±8° and can bear maximum load up to 5 kg.


Big service platform Non-slip pad minimizes risk of damage
Title angle ±8° Maintenance free operation
Up to 5 kg load capacity Compact design and durable construction


Model BST-RS/340
Speed range 25~300rpm
Amplitude Horizontal ±8°
Time range 0-30min
Platform size 295x245 mm
Dimensions 450x260x90 mm
Load capacity 5kg
Power supply 220 Volts 50 Hz
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