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Universal Orbital Shaker

These universal orbital shakers are compact systems designed and manufactured by Bionics Scientific; suitable for variety of shaking applications in the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, cell / tissue culture and medical diagnostics. In a laboratory there are various applications that need orbital shaking at various speed ranges at different quantity or sample volumes; furthermore, sizes and shapes of flasks may vary from sample to sample and keeping orbital shakers for each application is quiet difficult. In order to cope with such issues, universal orbital shaking systems are considered a perfect solution.

We bring to you three pre-engineered laboratory universal shakers that feature quite, and smooth reproducible orbital shaking motion. Each unit comes with a set of essential accessories including a universal platform with adjustable bars, platform clamps and a flat non-slip platform. These accessories enable users to perform various shaking with the help of a single unit that ultimately saves time and money.


Smooth and noiseless operation Easy to use touch key pad
Adjustable speed range Compact size, idle for low bench space
Precise digital timer Easy replacement of platforms


Model BST/US-350 BST/US-300 BST/US-250
Speed range 50-350 rpm 50-300 rpm 50-250 rpm
Orbit 10mm 20mm 30mm
Timer 1min – 100 hr Digital
Maximum load capacity 2.5KG
Operating Temperature 4 - 45°C
dimensions 284x264x90mm
Accessories - Platform w/ clamps for flasks, 100-150ml
- Platform w/ clamps for flasks, 250-300ml
- Universal platform w/ adjustable bars for flasks and bottles
- Flat platform with non-slip rubber mat

We are leading Indian manufacturer of universal orbital shaker. Our technology and engineering experience allow you to achieve superior quality of orbital shaking all the time. Accommodating various sizes of flasks and bottles, these universal orbital shaker units prove to be an essential part of any laboratory. In addition to this, these systems are available at fair price throughout India and overseas. To know more about these systems, brochure and catalogues, please write us an email, our support team will assist you till you get 100% satisfaction.

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