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Wrist Action Shaker with Flask Holders on Top and Sides

Wrist Action Shaker With Timer

We design and manufacture wrist action shakers that accommodate to grasp 50 ml to 500 ml conical and cylindrical flasks. Shaking speed 80 to 300 RPM (approx.) oscillations is variable and controlled by smooth speed regulator. This wrist action shaker machine is equipped with adjustable finger clamps that with coordination of excellent oscillation mechanism provide superior level of shaking. Mild Steel outer construction is sturdy and non-slip bottom let you experience worry free performance all the time.

Being compact in size, it occupies very low bench space in laboratories. Loads with advanced features and technical specifications, our laboratory wrist action shakers are the most reliable general purpose laboratory shaker available on the market today. These systems are supplied all over India and overseas at reasonable price.


4, 8 & 12 flasks holding capacity 50 to 500 ml flasks
Non-slip bottom Fixed and variable speed controls
0 to 60 min timer 80 to 300 RPM


Holding Capacity 4 Flasks 8 Flasks 12 Flasks
Flask Capacity 50 ml. to 500 ml 50 ml. to 500 ml 50 ml. to 500 ml
Timer On/off, 0 to 60 min
Speed Control 80 to 300 RPM
Construction Mild Steel powder coated
Power 220 Volts 50Hz
Optional Fixed Speed
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