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Digital Sound and Noise Level Meter

We introduce sound level meters coming with sturdy construction, user-friendly features and high quality sound and noise measurement. These meters are designed for effective solutions for industrial noise management. These sound and noise level meters are most simple to use, cost effective, compliant to international standards and are perfect for fast, accurate measurements.


Range: 35 dB-130 dB Requires no complicated setup procedure
Compliant with various noise at work regulations Easy to handle design
RS232 Interface Low battery indicator


Model BST-SM130
Measuring level range 35dB-130dB
Frequency range 31.5Hz-8KHz
Dynamic range 65dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Accuracy ±2dB
Sample Rate 2 times / sec
Measuring frequency A frequency weighting & C frequency weighting
Measuring range Lo: 35-100dB low range measurement
Hi: 65-130dB high range measurement
Response S: for comparatively stable noise measurement
F: for fast varying noise measurement
Output AC=0.65Vrms/dB, Output Impedance≤600Ω
DC=10mV/dB, Output Impedance≤100Ω
Output signal type Two-channel analog signal output headphone jack
Display LCD display
Correction Internal 94.0dB correction
Measurements Lock Maximum noise value lock
Operation height below 2000 meters
Operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Operating Humidity 10%RH-90%RH
Accessories Windscreen, debugging batch, battery, manual
Certifications CE and other international standards

With years of experience in innovation product designing and customer support, and Quality Management Systems, we are committed to provide instruments for highly reliable noise measurement. To know more about sound level meter price, warranty and supply details please contact Bionics Scientific, we are providing guarantee of competitive price and excellent warranty with unmatched quality service.

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