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Grain Moisture Meter

With our portable grain moisture meters, you get fast, clean and accurate solutions for moisture analysis in various grains. These digital grain moisture meter models come with moisture ranging from 5 to 34 % (depending upon Grain Calibration) and deliver deliver precise results helping you achieve consistent quality. Due to rugged design and construction, these digital grain moisture meters provide simple operation even in tough conditions.


Precise grain moisture measurement Handheld and portable designs
Measure moisture of all grain types Measurement of grain moisture in harvest time and storage
Data hold function for easy readings Auto power off when not in use


Model BST-GMT6398 BST-GMT6399
Design Handheld Portable
Moisture Content (Grain Dependent) 5 to 34 % 5 to 40 %
Temperature Range - 10°C to 60°C 0°C to 45°C
Accuracy ±(0.5%n+1)
Ambient Humidity 0 to 70 % Rh
Resolution 0.1
Interface Touch Pad / Push buttons
Display LCD Display
Power Source 6 V DC Battery 9 V DC Battery
Battery Indicator Low Battery Indicator / Auto Power Off
PC interface RS232C (With optional cable)
Carrying Case Supplied with hard or soft carrying case

From farm to retail market, we areknown as reliable grain moisture meter supplier and are committing of supplying high quality equipment for precise and fast moisture analysis. If you want to buy these meters, you are welcome to contact our support team, which will help you with, price, cost, delivery and warranty details.

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