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Hay Moisture Meter

Bionics Scientific manufactures and sells hay moisture meters designed to meet all your needs and specifications. With a little investment these hay moisture meters deliver complete field moisture testing solution; furthermore, these meters come in to different models analog and digital moisture meters and are calibrated for wheat straw and other related baled products. Both Digital hay moisture meter and analog hay moisture meter offer simple operation and work fine even in tough conditions.


Perfect for field moisture testing Pocket size design
Rugged construction Circuit based on microprocessor
Supply with carrying case Meet international quality standards


Model BST-HMT32 BST-HMT33h
Function Analog Digital
Moisture Range 6% to 30% 8% to 40%
Display Analog readout Digital readout
Set Point Adjustable & Audible Adjustable & Audible
Carrying case Yes Yes
Power Supply 9 v DC Battery 9 v DC Battery

Bionics Scientific is a portable hay moisture meter manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India and supplies these meters to all over Asia, Africa and Middle East at wholesale price. These moisture meter models play vital role in measuring moisture levels in the windrow and standard bales.

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