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Soxhlet Extractor

Soxhlet Extractor is equipment, which is used in chemical analysis laboratory for extraction of lipid from solid test material such as grain, food, oil, bio fuel and wastes etc. These extraction units are one of important pieces of laboratory apparatus that are used to remove an excessive amount of liquids or solids from samples.

We manufacture various types of Soxhlet Extractors for laboratory research and education purposes. Each soxhlet extraction unit delivers safe heating and unmatched extraction process. Our soxhlet extractors are available with a choice of heater; mantel, hot plate and water bath heating are available as options.

Our pre-engineered models are available as single standalone unit for 1 test and 3 or 6 heating units (positions) for multi-tests that can perform testing of 1, 3 or 6 samples at one time accordingly. Each position is fitted with individual electronic controller. These machines accommodate 50 ml to 1000 ml flasks and can be customized further. These systems are equipped with a convenient stopcock on the soxhlet body which allows solvent to be drained into a storage reservoir after the extraction process is complete.

Our soxhlet extraction units are robustly designed and deliver long service life. Standard models are supplied with and without glass parts and clamps, which can be purchased extra if required. The sturdy metal stand is powder coated and corrosion resistant. This stand holds glassware safely and securely. The Cooling manifold ensures uniform distribution of cooling liquid to all the condensers.

Soxhlet Extraction with Mantle Heater: In these units, heating is generated by using mantles; fiber glass yarn-knitted fabric provides flexible support to flasks.

Model Heater Energy Regulator
BST/SXM-1 1 One
BST/SXM-3 3 Three
BST/SXM-6 6 Six
BST/SXM-3A 3 One
BST/SXM-6A 6 One

Soxhlet Extraction with Water Bath Heater: Unlike other units, this equipment utilize water bath for heating and constructed with 3 or 6 holes of 10 cm diameter. The whole unit is supplied with concentric rings, two standing rods and one adjustable horizontal rod. Heating is controlled by energy regulator and PID controller is optionally fitted.

Model Heater Energy Regulator
BST/SXW-1 1 One
BST/SXW-3 3 Three
BST/SXW-6 6 Six

Soxhlet Extraction with Hot Plate Heater: These Soxhlet Extractors utilize 1, 3 or 6 aluminum hot plates that operate on maximum temperature up to 200°C. As required the machine is equipped with common or individual energy regulators.

Model Heater Energy Regulator
BST/SX-1A 1 Single
BST/SX-7A 3 Common (Single)
BST/SX -7B 6 Common (Single)
BST/SX -7RA 4 Individual (Four)
BST/SX -7RB 6 Individual (Six)

We have successfully supplied these units to many food and pharmaceutical manufacturing units, hospitals, laboratories and universities etc. To buy one of our extractor units, please contact our sales team for price and delivery terms etc.

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