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What is Glove Box

A Glove Box is an airtight chamber, which is designed to maintain various kinds of atmospheres required to perform different research and development works. It is called by several names i.e. dry box, glove box chamber, glove box isolator and glove box cabinet etc. A glove box is widely used in laboratory, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, oil, nuclear and electronics research and manufacturing applications. It comes in 1 person (2 gloves), 2 persons (4 gloves) and multi-station configurations. When comes to construction, a glove box is constructed with acrylic / polycarbonate sheet or stainless steel. Fitted with wide range of accessories, it can be employed in desired application.

Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box

Bionics Scientific is a leading glove box manufacturer in India. We design, fabricate, install and commission glove box isolators for chemistry lab, cell culture, pharmaceutical, dielectric oil analysis, li ion battery and nuclear research etc. Our range of laboratory glove boxes and pharmaceutical isolators provide highly comfortable controlled environment with user friendly functions, rugged construction and certified instruments that make your research and development work easy and accurate.

We have been supplying wide range of glove box chambers for variety of applications such as pharmaceutical research, battery production and electrochemical experiments. From glove box configuration and manufacturing to wide range of glove box accessories, we are your one stop Indian source for all your needs. Our range includes economical to premium category large glove boxes and small sized mini (portable) glove boxes that save bench space in congested laboratories.

Quality is maintained

When designing a glove box, quality of design and functionality matters. Each glove box (dry box) is designed and manufactured under stringent quality control guidelines, ensuring that you are buying world class system that meets requirements of most demanding research and manufacturing applications. Relevant certificates are issued in respect of particular test.

Customization on Demand

We understand the need of customization. As every unit cannot be used for every application; therefore, each unit is designed according to the needs of particular job. At Bionics Scientific, we carefully design your glove box chamber; depending upon your requirements of materials to be handled or instrument to used inside the chamber, our glove boxes are constructed accordingly. Each unit can be constructed with 1 or 2 person workstations. We fabricate your glove box with a number of optional accessories such as remote control, input-output channels with attached pumps, filters and purifiers for controlling chamber gases, base stand etc.

Training, Installation and Commissioning

Not limited to manufacturing and supply, we support our customers with facilities of installation and commissioning and formal training till they are 100% satisfied. If our client asks for these facilities, we send our technician to their place who helps in setting up the equipment as per their demand.

Glove Box Applications
Inert Atmosphere TIG Welding Hospital pharmacy preparations

Dispensing injectable Nuclear Medicine

Lithium battery assembly

Animal science work

Cell and Tissue Culture

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