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Tube Furnace

We are manufacturing high temperature tube furnaces for wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. Each model is custom designed and matched with specifications provided by the customers. Our engineers are working closely with customers' requirements and deliver exactly tube furnace system matching to size and features fit to their requirements.

Our tube furnaces are designed and manufactured with specified zones or chambers, whether single zone, dual zone or multiple zones and are mounted horizontally or vertically and operated with temperature ranges up to 1800°C. In addition to traditional tube furnace systems, we are also manufacturing other tube furnaces including vacuum tube furnace and rotary tube furnace systems.

In many models the end of the tube does not get very hot and with this reason such models as compare to other furnace models are used commonly as they provide option to placing of different adapters on the ends.


Available up to 1800°C temperature Uniform temperature control
Shorter melting time International quality standard heating element
Rapid heating and cooling Low volume of flue gases

Our tube furnaces are designed with a concept of heating a tube which is surrounded by heating elements and incorporates thermocouple. The cooling and heating rates of these tube furnaces are carried out with programmable controls. These units offer precise temperature control and excellent temperature uniformity.

These tube furnaces are available in both single and dual zone configuration. As per required specifications these tube furnaces are also manufactured in both vertical and horizontal designs. Made of double walled stainless steel, the construction is durable and long lasting.

Come with comprehensive temperature range for your applications that goes up to 1800°C. As these furnace units are custom made, customers can order specified required temperature. Temperature is controlled through an independent digital temperature control (ordered separately), which has 16 programmable segments. These control systems are either integrated with tube furnace system or attached separately.

Heating Elements:
Depends upon the requirements these units can be supplied with molybdenum disilicide heating element or lanthanum chromite element. Heating elements are side wall mounted and tolerate rapid cycling over extended periods. These heating elements can be replaced easily by the uses and requires no matching of resistance values.

Safety Features:
Equipped with adjustable factory installed digital over temperature control which shuts the system off in case of over temperature or circuit failure.


Models BST-TF1100 BST-TF1200 BST-TF1300 BST-TF1500 BST-TF1700 BST-TF1800
Temperature 1100°C 1200°C 1300°C 1500°C 1700°C 1800°C
Temperature Control Programmable, Microprocessor based
Control system Integrated or separated control system
Zone One, Two zones, Three zones
Construction Double Walled steel construction
Safety High limit over temperature protection, circuit breaker, power module, transformer and cooling fans
Computer Interface Optional
Power Supply 220 Volts

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As tube furnace manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India, we present standard and custom range that offers precise temperature control and long lasting performance. Our tube furnace models also come in variety of sizes and shapes depending upon applications. Discuss your custom requirements with our engineers and get the product better than expectations.

We are committed to provide high quality, safe and durable systems and also export these equipment to Asia, Africa and Middle East at factory price.

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