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Photo Colorimeter

Photo Colorimeters are microprocessor based digital colorimeters and combine ease of use with high testing capability. These photo colorimeter systems are durable, dustproof, waterproof, compact and designed keeping in mind the users' experience in laboratory and field. Due to user friendly features and ease of use these equipment are used widely for blood and chemical analysis.


Standard glass filters 8 and 5 1ml sample is sufficient for testing
Dust and waterproof housing Soft touch Keypad
Optional RS232 interface CE and ISO certified
Highly stable and accurate Optional Battery operation

Our digital colorimeter equipment are durably constructed ensuring safe working even in tough conditions. These colorimeters require low maintenance and let the users experience long years of worry free working. Small and compact design makes these units easy to handle both in laboratory and field.

Depending upon your testing needs these units are designed with both 8 and 5 filters models.

With these systems you get four different outputs through LCD display including % Transmission (%T), Absorbance (Abs), Concentration (Conc) and K Factor.

Our Photo Colorimeters feature in-built memory to retain last "K" factor for concentration even after power loss.

Branded and high quality standard glass filters are used in these units that cover a wide range of 400 to 700 nm in order to obtain extremely good results.

The filter setting in colorimeter is controlled by a rotating disc having 8 or 5 filters. An automatic shutter is used to stop the light reaching the photocell, when test tube is not inserted in the tube holder.

These meters are operated through 110 / 220 volts power supply however battery operated power supply can also be added as optional.

Specifications: BST/PCM/1312

Model No. BST/PCM/1312
Wave Length Range 400 to 700nm
Resolution 1% T, 0.01 Abs., 1 Conc., 1 K Factor
% Transmission 0 - 100% T
Absorbance 0 - 1.99 A
Concentration 0- 19999
K Factor 1 - 19999
Photo Detector Silicon Photodiode/Photo Cell
Display 16x2 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlit for %T, Abs., Conc., K Factor
Keyboard 8 Keys, soft touch membrane type
Data Storage Upto 100 samples
Light Source 6.8V, 0.3Amp. Tungsten Lamp
Sample System 10 mm path length matched glass test tubes
Filters 420, 440, 490, 520, 540, 570, 600, 700nm
Printer Interface Centronics Parallel Printer interface for any dot matrix printer
RS232C Interface Available (on request)
Dimensions 240 x 254 x 90 mm (L x B x H)
Weight 2.5 Kg. (Approx.)
Power Supply 230V AC+10% 50Hz. with in-built stabilizer
Accessories Matched Test Tube Set of 5, Operation Manual, Dust Cover, Spare Lamp

Specifications: BST/PCM/312, BST/PCM/313, BST/PCM/322

Model No. BST/PCM/312 BST/PCM/313
High Std. Glass Filters 8 Filters 5 Filters
Minimum Volume 1 ml
Display 2 ½ digit LED
Range 400 to 700 nm
Output OD : 0 to 1.99
Resolution OD : 0.01
Accuracy 0.5% FS ±1 Digit
Dectector Photo Cell/Photo Diode
light source (tungston lamp) 6.8 V, 300 mA
Power 230 V ± 10% AC, 50Hz
Dimensions 195 X 235 X 105 mm
Weight 2 Kgs. (Approx.)
Filters 8 filters - 400 450 490 520 540 570 620 680 nm
5 filters - 450 490 540 620 680 nm

Specifications: BST/PCM/1311, BST/PCM/1313

Model No. BST/PCM/1311 BST/PCM/1313
Wave Length Range 400 to 700nm
Display 3 Digit 7 Segment Red LED Display
Resolution 1% T, 0.01 Abs., 1% T, 0.01 Abs., Conc. 1,
K Factor 1.
Transmittance (%T) 0-100% 0-100%
Absorbance 0-1.99A 0-1.99A.
Concentration - 1.0-999
K Factor - 1.0-999
Key Board(Soft Touch Member Type) 2 Keys, 3 Keys,
Autozeroing Available Available
Light Source 6.3 V 0.3 amp Tungsten Lamp
solution volume 1ml (Minimum)
Sample System 10mm path length matched glass test tubes
Optical Filters 8 filter mounted on the turret
400, 450, 490, 520, 540, 570, 620, 680 nm
Weight 2½ Kg. Approx.
Power Supply 230 VAC to + 10% 50Hz. With in - built stabilizer
Accessories Spare Lamp, Test Tubes set (Matched),
Dust Cover, Instruction Manual


Textile Hospital Chemical Laboratory
Biotechnology Fertilizers Food & beverage Agriculture
Educational purpose Pharmaceutical industry Water treatment plant

These Colorimeters are supplied all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East at economical price and excellent warranty. Each unit is tested on various quality parameters in order to achieve highly accurate results. For more information on price, warranty and supply details please send us your email or just fill up the query form on the right side. Our sales team will assist you immediately with complete details you need.

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