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Vacuum Tray Dryer

A Vacuum Tray Dryer is essential equipment widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries to dry materials that are oxidizable, heat sensitive and hygroscopic in nature. Condenser, heat exchanger and vacuum pump are primary requirements to manufacture this equipment. Also known as vacuum shelf dryer, it is available with 12, 24, 48 and 96 trays designs on the market.

<>We are vacuum tray dryer manufacturer and exporter company based in India and engaged in supplying customized vacuum tray dryers at factory price all over India and overseas market. We have in-house manufacturing facilities; where, our engineering team constructs tray dryers with matched specification provided by our customers.


Compliant to CE, cGMP, FDA and other standards Stainless steel construction (SS 316L/316/304)
Easily removable hollow pad type heating shelves Dedicated fluid heating and circulating systems
Thermal efficiency of 60 to 80 per cent Provision for Explosion Vent / Rupture Disc on body
Provision for Validation Port on Body Vacuum break valve provided on Chamber
High quality interlocking for doors to chamber Uniform heating flow
Branded immersion heaters Heavy duty MS / SS door fitted on hinges
Single and double doors (for large models) Complete automation w/ PLC controls (Optional)

Chamber Construction: Both internal and external chambers of these Vacuum Tray Dryers are made of high grades stainless steel, with a choice of customer we use M.S. / SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L stainless Steel. The joints are welded and made of thick stainless steel. For minimizing heat loss and maximizing efficiency thick glass wool is used in insulation. The chamber body is enclosed and covered with removable high grade stainless steel panels.

Doors: Vacuum Shelf Dryers are equipped with single and double doors. Usually double doors are used only in large capacity vacuum tray dryers. With choice of customers doors are also made of high grades stainless steel (SS304 / SS316), the bolts used in door fixing are also of 304 stainless steel. The doors are equipped with high quality interlocks to ensure maximum safe operation. The inner surface of doors is grooved to adjust rubber gasket.

Heating Shelves: Heating shelves are made of high grades stainless steel with customers' required thickness. These heating shelves are well welded are hollow pad type. With every vacuum tray drying oven one or two dummy shelves are provided in order to prevent condensation from forming and dripping into the trays on the shelf below. Mild Steel / Stainless Steel baffles are provided in the annular space to guide the flow of heating media ensuring sufficient coverage of heat transfer area and uniform heating. For easy cleaning these shelves are fitted with sufficient gap from the chamber walls.

Inlet / Outlet Headers: Inlet and Outlet headers are made of stainless steel and are fitted outside the working space of the chamber.

Optional Accessories:
Condenser: Condenser in vacuum tray drying oven is optional and made of stainless steel and designed in shell and tube type.
Condensate Receiver: This is also an optional accessory which is made of stainless steel and fitted with a glass window. Specific drainage arrangements are made for drainage of condensate.
Other Accessories: Silicon gasket or EPDM gasket for door, interconnecting piping, hot water generating system, vacuum pump and digital temperature indicator etc.


Number of Trays 6 Trays 12 Trays 18 Trays 24 Trays 36 Trays 48 Trays 96 Trays
No. of shelves 6 6 6 8 12 16 32
Dummy Shelves 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Trays per shelves 1 2 3 3 3 3 3
Housing Construction Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / 316L
Doors Mild Steel / Stainless Steel w/ inter lock & glass wool insulation
Hinges Stainless Steel
Heating Material Water / Fluid
Heating Shelves SS /Hollow Pad Type, baffled for essential heat transfer
Trays Food Grade Stainless Steel
Tray Size 16 x 32 x 1.25 (inch)
Insulation Thick glass wool
Controls PID Controller
Vacuum gauge Dial type located on vacuum chamber
Temperature Indicator Digital
Pressure release valve Yes
Vacuum break valve Yes
Limit Switch Yes
Optional - Circulation pump with FLP Motors and controls
- Vacuum Pump (2stage water ring) consisting FLP motor
- PLC controller
- Nitrogen purging valve
- Validation ports w/ sensors
- Condenser-Shell & tube type
- Condensate Receiver
- Viewing glass
- Shell & tube type condenser
- IQ / OQ / DQ / PQ Certifications
Certifications CE, ISO, cGMP

We involve in designing and producing vacuum tray dryers that are used in laboratory, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. With a team of professionally talented engineers we provide custom design facilities to its customers and they are welcome to discuss their requirements including vacuum tray dryer design, size, number of trays, required temperature, optional accessories etc. We are promising full customer satisfaction and unmatched quality service. All these units are supplied with full installation, commissioning and training at customers' workplace. We also export our vacuum tray dryer equipment to all over Asian, African and Middle East countries at factory price.

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