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Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Our Ultra Low Temperature Freezers let you experience innovative design and highly efficient refrigeration system enabling users to use them for laboratory and medical storage and various industrial needs including shrink fitting and ultra cold storage of products and samples at -50°C to -86°C.

Often known as ULT Freezers, these units can effectively maintain -86°C temperature internally; in addition they are available in various designs such as upright, chest and portable. These units are manufactured in India and supplied worldwide at factory price.

Being a manufacturer, we provide our ULT Freezers with choice of optional accessories in order to use them with greater efficiency and usability; 7 days temperature chart recorder, digital temperature recorder, audio visual alarms and provision for printer etc.


Excellent temperature uniformity Reliable environment monitoring
CFC free refrigeration Single and double doors as required
Audio and visual alarms Available as upright, chest and benchtop models
Choice of optional accessories UL and CE marking
Tempered glass doors Rust free construction

No matter what your requirements are, we as Ultra Low Temperature Freezer manufacturers in India, provide custom made solutions to our customers meeting specific storage needs. We and design the exact ULT freezer that match your requirements in terms of size, temperature, usability and other specifications at economical price. Please read the below mentioned features and important details about our ultra low temperature freezer units.

Available with temperature range from -50°C to -86°C; temperature is controlled by microprocessor control system which comprises of high contrast digital display and push button set point security system.

Double walled construction ensures energy consumption through polyurethane insulation. Outer chamber is made of powder coated MS or can be made optionally with 304 or 316 grades stainless steel; inner chamber is made of 316 stainless steel for maximizing performance age.

Depending upon capacity, our ULT freezers are designed with single or double doors. These Doors are solid in construction and fitted with triple silicon gasket ensuring temperature stability. For protection of samples these exterior door latch is used. As an optional feature, inner doors with glass construction can be used, which minimize cold air loss during door opening.

Refrigeration system
Each unit is equipped with CFC free refrigerants.

Optional Accessories
These lab freezer units are supplied with various optional accessories including inventory racks with boxes and dividers, temperature recorder, data logger, floor anchor system, CO2 and LN2 backup systems, surge suppressor and caster wheels.


Capacity (Cu. Ft.) 3 12.7 18.9 20.7 26.9
Capacity (Liters) 84 L 360 L 535 L 585 L 760 L
Temperature Range -50°C to -86°C
Construction Powder coated MS or 304 / 316 Stainless Steel
Doors Single or double as required
Refrigerant HFC CFC free refrigerant
Insulation CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation
Noise Level 49 dB(A)
Standard Fittings - Over temperature safety
- Digital temperature controller
- Inner light
Optional - Audio / Visual Alarm
- Temperature recorder
- Data logger
- Computer interface
- Provision for printer
- Lockable wheels
- Exterior door latch
- Inventory system
- CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems
Power Supply 220 Volts
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