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Analog Orbital Shaker

These analogy-only shakers are ideal of general mixing and blending, with test tubes, flasks, bottles and bowls. Unlike digital shakers these analog orbital shakers are manually handled with a rotary knob for speed and time adjustment. These orbital shakers with analog controls are highly economical and well suited for small scale shaking operations. With durable construction, user-friendly controls and precise working these units are perfect for laboratory use. Use them with incubator and perform shaking incubation.


Continuous or timed operation Deliver accuracy in work
Rugged construction Can be used inside incubator
Excellent for general mixing and blending Supplied with optional accessories

Our Analog Orbital Shakers are heavy duty and come with stainless steel construction and deliver durability and long lasting performance. The speed and time is manually adjusted by a rotary knob situated in the front of the machine. These units come in two models small and large capacity. With large capacity analog orbital shaker you can easily put load up to 35lbs. With this model you can use both small and large platforms and perform your desired mixing or blending work.

These models can safely be placed inside incubators without producing significant heat. In this way, this analog orbital shaker enables us to maintain temperature of the incubator machine while shaker is active inside.


Models BST-AS15 BST-AS35
Shaker Type Analog Analog
Speed Range 30 - 250 RPM 25 - 500 RPM
Shaking Mechanism Direct Drive Direct Drive
Controls Rotary Knob Rotary Knob
Display LED LED
Max. Load 15lbs 35lbs
Power 110 / 220 Volts 110 / 220 Volts
Construction Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Certifications CE, ISO CE, ISO

We supply our orbital shaker models to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East. Being a manufacturing company we are also offering customized solutions to its customers. We satisfy our customers by providing them equipment with their specific requirements.

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