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Dual Action Shaker

We are an Indian lab shaker manufacturing company, which is designing and manufacturing orbital reciprocating shaker systems that are widely used in molecular biology techniques, cell cultures, fermentation, hybridization studies, environmental tests, research, etc. These Dual action shaker machines offer two mixing action in single unit. Users can work on both orbital and reciprocating (Horizontal) directions. With competitive price range you get these units with many user-friendly features and excellent warranty.


Smooth starts up prevents splashes Can be switched from orbital to reciprocating
Digital Display (time, speed, temperature) Highly chemically resistant<
Brushless DC motor Long maintenance-free operation

As the name shows these Shakers offer advanced dual motion features. User can perform both orbital and reciprocating motions of their choice. These two kinds of speeds are changeable and can be chosen with the help of a switch. Variable-speed control provided gentle to vigorous agitation.

These units are constructed with stainless steel housing and promise to long life performance. The reliable shaking mechanism is made of stainless steel which comprises of brushless DC motor. This mechanism ensures noiseless and smooth shaking operations. The machines start gently ensuring no splashes on start up.

These Orbital Reciprocating Shakers come with both digital and mechanical controls, with a choice of two models, customers can buy these systems with digital controls or mechanical controls which comprise of rotary knob for speed and temperature adjustments. Each model has one digital display which shows speed, time and other notifications.


Model BST-DA300 BST-DA400
Speed Range 10 to 300rpm 30 to 400rpm
Timer 10 sec to 999 hr 59 min 59 sec 0 - 120 min / continuous
Controls Keypad Push Button Rotary Knob
Power Supply 110 / 220 Volts 110 / 220 Volts
Certifications CE and ISO CE and ISO

Optional Accessories:

Universal platforms Flask Clamps Plastic Clamps
Funnel Clamps, Spring wire rack Universal attachments
Test tube racks Dedicated Platforms Rubber mats

We supply our orbital reciprocating shakers to all over Asia, Africa and Middle East countries at competitive price. In order to maintain the quality and service we employ advanced manufacturing techniques and customer support. Please contact us if you are interested in buying these dual action shaker systems. Our support team will assist you with complete information including price, warranty and delivery details.

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