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Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Bionics Scientific brings to you Coating Thickness Gauge systems that offer reliable measurement for paint and powder coatings. Our paint and powder coating thickness meter models are CE marked and also conform to the various international quality standards. Leaving no scopes of errors, these systems are in great demand by automobile companies, manufacturing companies, auto dealers, paint suppliers etc.

With these ultrasonic thickness gauge meters you obtain required laboratory quality standards anywhere, setting new standards making measuring coating thickness faster, reliable and accurate; helping you to become more efficient and productive. With faster and most accurate coating thickness measurement capabilities these meters are recommended by industry experts worldwide.

Our Coating Thickness Gauges are available in different models depending upon the type of coating thickness such as we also have separate coating thickness gauge for measure ferrous substrates, for non-ferrous substrates and for both ferrous and Non-ferrous substrates.


Maintain lab quality standards anywhere Non-destructive and accurate measurement
Automatic ON / OFF switching Automatic Substrate Recognition
Factory calibrated and ready for use Large buttons, easy for gloved hands


Operating principle Magnetic induction (F) Magnetic induction/eddy current (F/NF) Eddy current (NF) Magnetic induction/eddy current (F/NF)
Measuring range 0-1000um 0-1000um 0-1000um 0-1250um/0-50mil
Resolution 0.1 / 1 0.1 / 1 0.1 / 1 0.1 / 1
Accuracy ±1 - 3%n or ±2.5um
Min. measuring area 6mm
Min. sample thickness 0.3mm
Battery indicator low battery indicator
Metric/ imperial convertible
Display LCD w/ Backlit
Auto power off Yes
Memory Up to 1000 Values
Operating conditions 0 -+45℃ (32℉ - 104℉), ≤90% RH
Power Supply Two “AA” size, 1.5 Volt alkaline batteries
Certifications CE and other international standards
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