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Concrete Moisture Meter

We present Featuring pocket sized design, fast measurement and calibrated specifically for concrete moisture content are some of features that make Bionics® concrete moisture tester perfect for every building and road construction companies.

Our Concrete moisture meter range comes in analog and digital models, whereas in analog concrete moisture meter reading is displayed by large analog display screen and in digital concrete moisture meter reading is displayed on high contrast LCD display. Both the models are used for instant measurement of moisture content in concrete and gypsum flooring.


Works for concrete and gypsum flooring Fast and accurate moisture measurement
Perfect for dry and fresh concrete Compliance with ASTM F2170
USB interface Pocket sized hence easy to carry


Type Analog Digital Digital
RH Range 0 to 20% 0 to 100% 0 to 100%
Accuracy - ± 1.5 % RH / ± 0.3 K ± 1.5 % RH / ± 0.3 K
Memory - 900 Readings 10000 Readings
Power Supply 9 V Battery 9 V Battery 9 V Battery
USB Interface - Yes Yes
Carrying Bag Yes Yes Yes
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