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Wood Moisture Meter

Wood moisture meter BST/WMM-700, is a professionals' choice and an ideal handy tool for many carpenters, building contractors, crafts people, and wood dealers worldwide. This wood moisture meter possesses everything you need, measurement of moisture content in wood, timber and wood fiber is extremely easy and precise.

Moisture content is the single most important factor affecting the quality of wood. With using BST/WMM-700, you can create high quality finished wood products by analyzing moisture content. Due to versatile in nature, this digital wood moisture meter is a reliable instrument for a wide array of applications including furniture manufacturing, timber trading and other types of wood working.

The sturdy construction makes this wood moisture meters perfect for use at busy sites. It can be continuously used without botheration. Precise moisture content, auto or manual switched off function and data hold facility are some of important features that make it stand outs from other models available on the Indian market today. Our wood moisture meter comes as a complete kit packed in a hard carrying case, which includes meter, pin type moisture probe, extra pins and instruction manual.


9% to 30% moisture content range Precise measurement
Large LCD display w/ backlit Hard carrying case for protection
Readings can be hold Auto and manual power off
Convenient handy design Sturdy housing suitable for busy sites


Model BST/WMM-700
Moisture Range 9% to 30%
Moisture Accuracy ±4% from 9 to 24% M.C.
Moisture Resolution 0.1% M.C.
Temperature compensation 0°C to 50°C
Memory 9 material species groups in memory
Display Large LCD display
Calibration Push button built-in self-calibration
Switch off mode Auto / Manual
Data output RS-232 PC serial interface
Battery 006P, MN1604 ( FF3) DC 9V battery
Accessories - Pin type moisture probe
- Extra contact pins
- Hard carrying case

Our wood moisture meter is available for sale all over India and overseas at fair price. If you have questions, please write to us, our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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