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Motorised Seive Shaker

We are engaged in designing and manufacturing Motorized sieve machines for both industrial and laboratory applications. These Motorised Sieve Shakers are rugged, provide continuous working, and deliver high level of satisfactory results. These Machines are extensively used in wide industry areas including pigments, soap, cement, roofing, pharmaceuticals, minor aggregates etc. Due to their excellent working performance these motorized sieve shaker equipment have been acclaimed and recommended by industry experts worldwide.


Electrically operated and mechanically driven Sieve Diameter 3 in, 5 in or 8 in
Adjustable timer Digital or Analog Perfect for dry sieving
ASTM C136 Simultaneous tapping 500per minute
Rotation of sieve stage 12 per minute Oil bath for machine parts

Our Motorised Sieve Shaker Machines promise durability and rugged construction. The whole construction is of cast iron and base is made of painted mild steel. The rotating plate is made of cast iron. These units can be efficiently used with 3", 5", 8 and 12 inches" sieves. The machine can handle variety of sieves of different sizes for example, up to 10 sieves of 80inches, 12 sieves of 5inches and 16 sieves of 3inches full height, and up to 18 sieves of 8inches half height sieves. In order to achieve excellent and effective sieving action the machine is equipped with electric motor drive which comprises of branded ¼ HP motor.


Sieving Capacity (10) 8" sieves (12) 5" sieves
(16) 3" full-height sieves,
(18) 8" half-height sieves.
(4) 12" full-height
(10) 12" half-height sieves
(6) 8" full-height sieves
(13) 8" half-height sieves
(10) 8" and (6) 12" full-height sieves
Construction Cast Iron, Painted Mild steel
Motor ¼ HP
Timer 0 - 60 Minutes
Timer Type Digital / Analog
Standard ASTM C136
Power Supply 220 Volts
Certifications CE and ISO

If you are looking Motorised Shaking Machines matching to your specific requirements, you can freely ask our expert team of engineers. These shakers are designed with unmatched international quality and efficiency and supplied at factory price.

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