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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieves are improved version of ordinary circulatory sieving machines. These sieving machines are fitted with ultrasonic system enabling you to experience accurate sieving on finer mesh, particle size 300µ or below. Especially for pharmaceutical industry, these Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieving machines eliminate use of bouncing balls and other anti blockage devices that cause severe problems like delayed sieving process, product contamination and reduced mesh life. Ultrasonic vibrating sieves offer better results of sieving for all kinds of powders especially sticky and difficult powders adding product quality and integrity.

We are manufacturer of ultrasonic vibrating sieves and present their comprehensive range at competitive price in India and overseas. These machines are fitted with an ultrasonic system which consists of ultrasonic generator, transducer and net frame. The transducer receives high frequency vibrations produced by generator and applies to sieve frame. Also known as ultrasonic sifters, our ultrasonic vibrating sieves are designed to sieve ultrafine powders of size 20μm ~ 300μm. These machines are carefully manufactured in our factory and equipped with features and options with aim of your product quality enhancement and production output.

Ultrasonic System

Ultrasonic Generator Ultrasonic Transducer Ultrasonic Frame


Fine sieving of sticky and difficult powders Perfect sieving of size 20μm ~ 300μm
Can work easily on tough environment No screen blinding and clogging
Consistent screening accuracy Easy to use and maintain
Long working life Rugged construction


Model Motor Power Motor vibrating Force Dimensions
(L x H) mm
BST/UCS-400 0.1kw 2500N 400&660 36.5KHz
BST/UCS-500 0.2kw 5000N 500&745 36.5KHz
BST/UCS-600 0.2kw 5000N 600&875 36.5KHz
BST/UCS-800 0.5kw 10KN 800&895 36.5KHz
BST/UCS-1000 0.7kw 16KN 970&945 36.5KHz
BST/UCS-1200 0.7kw 16KN 1170&995 36.5KHz
BST/UCS-1500 1.5kw 25KN 1470&1095 36.5KHz
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