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Vibraing Screen, Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter is a Circular vibratory sifting machine, which is designed to perform separation, scalping and grading processes for both dry and wet applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cement industries. We offer an innovative range of such round separator machines that feature enhanced screening capability, lower noise and rugged construction.

Meet Food and Pharmaceutical Requirements

Our Vibro sifters are carefully designed meeting cGMP requirements and have been acclaimed by industry experts worldwide. Whether there is production line or R & D center, where particulate matter and / or dusts are generated these vibrating screens proved to be best fit for accurate screening in order to achieve better yield.

Not only accuracy and working performance, our vibro sifters offer easy to clean and maintain structure. Frames can be opened easily and cleaned. These separators are available in four different diameters: 30 inch (750mm), 40 inch (1000mm), 48 inch (1200mm) and 60 inches (1500mm). Each unit is made with 316 grades high quality stainless steel. Every joint is fully tested and nuts and bolts are of superior quality assuring you a machine that is built for years of excellent performance.

Our vibro sifters are spring mounted double closed sifting machines, fitted with vertical vibration motor, mesh frame and sieve room. Customers have options to choose from stainless steel base of painted base, whereas steel base is perfect for paint industries and can be clean easily. Along with standard models, we can also make customize sifter machines with single or multi-sieves configurations.


Ideal for dry and wet grading Accurate screening and better yield
Rubber suspension enables lower noise Meet cGMP norms
Available in up to 5 layers High capacity flow-through design
Easy to clean and maintain Available in 30”, 40”, 48” and 60”
Available in single / multiple screening Painted or steel base


Model Capacity Dimensions (mm) Power
BST/ZS-400 50 ~ 500 kg/hr 650x 500x800 0.2 kw
BST/ZS-600 100 ~1000 kg/hr 8000x 800x1100 0.4 kw
BST/ZS-800 200 ~1500 kg/hr 1100x 950x1150 0.75 kw
BST/ZS-1000 300 ~ 2000 kg/hr 1100x1100x1200 1.1 kw
BST/ZS-1200 400 ~ 2500 kg/hr 1600x 1250x1300 1.5 kw
Screen Mesh 12 ~ 200
Vibration Frequency 1500
Adjusting Range 0° ~ 90°
Layers 1 ~ 5
Optional Ultrasonic Screen Deblinding System

As we are manufacturing company, we supply our vibrating screens with specialized options in order to make the machine best suitable for your specific application. Whether there is choice of screen numbers or capacity (kg/h), we have technology and engineering to design a vibrating screen that will exactly match to your specifications. Our customers also get advantage of good after sales service; all spare parts are also available ensuring minimum downtime of your production or research.

We supply these units to all over India and overseas at factory price. If you want to know how our vibro sifters are capable to meet you screening or grading needs, please send us an email with all the details you want to know from us.

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