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Quartz Double Distillation Unit

Bionics Scientific is one of the water distiller manufacturing companies in India and known for its highly reliable and cost effective Quartz Double Water Distillation Apparatus made with international quality standard materials and ensure long lasting performance with minimum required maintenance. Here at Bionics Scientific you get detailed information about units that come with continuous output and automatic functions with easy and simple controls.


Optional Single Distillation unit Bottom vent for general cleaning and maintenance
High purity, low conductivity, Pyrogen free distillate Optional Dual safety cutout
Boiler portion made of High Purity Electronic Grade Transparent Quartz Main constituent of Quartz is SiO2 > 99.9%
No metal contamination by the heaters Energy saving unit


Capacity 1 ltr / hr 1.5 ltr / hr 2 ltr / hr 2.5 ltr / hr 3 ltr / hr 5 ltr / hr
Cooling Water Consumption 40 ltr/hr 50 ltr/hr 65 ltr/hr 70 ltr/hr 100 ltr/hr 150 ltr/hr
Distillate Temperature 60°C - 75°C + 5°C
Stages Available in Single or Double Stage (as ordered)
Construction 304 grades stainless steel
Power Supply 220 Volts
Optional Accessories - Electrical dual auto-cut-off system
- Optical Beam Sensor for controlling fluctuations in boiler water level and boiler pressure
- Water Flow switch to control water level
- Audio Alarm Light Indicator
- Quartz Storage Vessel for collection of distillate
- Additional Bulb Condenser to minimize the temperature of the distillate
- Water Softener for bottom Boiler input
- Solenoid Valve to stop water flow in now power
- MCB to prevent short circuit

Bionics Scientific is a Quartz water Distillation Unit manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India and provides custom designing for single stage and double stage quartz distillation units. Contact us to know more about prices, cost, quotation, warranty, repair and maintenance services. We aim at building healthy relationships through quality and timely service.

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