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Class B Autoclave Sterlizer for Dental Clinics

Only B type cycles are considered safe, when providing sterilization of all 18 load types. Class B Sterilizers are class 1 medical device, extensively used in dentistry, medical and veterinary practices ensuring the safety of doctors, their staff and patients and legally protects their practice. A Class B Autoclave must meet the stringent European Standard EN 13060, which classifies loads into three categories based on their structure of the items to be sterilized such as hollow, porous and wrapped items. These systems work on the principle of pre and post vacuum technology, where a vacuum pump is fitted in the unit for air removal.

Bionics Scientific is setting up new standards in dental industry with its range of user-friendly Class B Autoclaves. Following European standards, these sterilizers are designed for providing efficient class b sterilization for all types of instruments and materials including all wrapped (single and double) or unwrapped items. Our standard models of class B sterilizers are available with volume 16 to 23 liters and offers performance guarantee of unmatched quality of Class B Cycles. These systems are easy to operate and do not require any training before operating.


Adopts European Class B standard Excellent vacuum dry effect
Automatic water filling option Built-in steam generator
High quality stainless steel chamber Meets European Standard EN 13060
Stainless steel chamber Digital control panel
Descriptive indictors and alarms Independent Pressure Gauge
Built-in printer PC connection interface
Over heat protection Double locking system ensures safety


Model BST/DA-16 BST/DA-18 BST/DA-23
Sterilization Class European Class B standard Dental Autoclave
Capacity 16 liters 18 liters 23 liter
Sterilizing temperature 121°C, 134°C
Special function Kill the AIDS (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV) mad cow virus and Bacillus
Dry procedure Vacuum drying
Display LED screen
Test program Bowie & Dick test, Helix test, Vacuum test
Safety Features Safe Valve Double-control lock system and self-test alarm system
Water supply system Two water tanks inside
Capacity of water tank 3.5L clean water tank and 5 liter waste water tank
Instrument container 5-layer tray rack with 3 trays
Voltage 220V±10%, 50Hz
Optional Accessories -Print by optional external mini-printer or download from USB port ( Sterilizing data)
-Extra stainless steel trays


Program Temperature Sterilziation Time(Min) Sterilziation Time(Min) Total Time(Min)
SOLID 134°C 2.1 4 18-30
SOLID 121°C 1.1 20 30-45
WRAPPED 134°C 2.1 6 30-40
WRAPPED 121°C 1.1 20 35-50
TEXTILE 134°C 2.1 10 45-65
TEXTILE 121°C 1.1 30 50-75
PRION 134°C 2.1 18 45-70
PLASTIC 105°C 0.2 30 50-65
B&D TEST 134°C 2.1 3.5 22-35
VACUUM TEST ------ ----- 3.5 4-10

Class B autoclave sterilizers manufactured by us are successfully working in many Government hospitals, research labs and Universities. These dental autoclave machines have been appreciated by many industry professionals due to simple, practical and perfect Class B sterilization features. If you are looking to buy a Class B autoclave for your dental clinic, please contact our sales team for brochure and price list.

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