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Dry Heat Sterilizer, Depyrogenation Oven

Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Depyrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat (hot air) for sterilization. Dry Heat Sterilization is the most accepted technique, which is employed to sterilize products that are moisture sensitive and medicinal in nature that cannot be sterilized with steam. Dry heat sterilization or depyrogenation is a process, which is used to reduce pyrogen level with the use of hot air in temperature ranges from 160°C to 300°C. Dry powder drugs, oil, waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, injections, implants, ointment, sharp objects, metal parts etc. are some of examples that require dry heat sterilization or Depyrogenation.


Ampoules Vials Metal and glass Vials
Schering bottles Aluminum caps
Injection bottles Infusion bottles
Filters Textiles
Garment Bandage
Gauze Stoppers
Metal containers Equipment parts
Dry powder drugs Oil and wax
Soft hard paraffin silicone Ointment


Meet GMP & FDA requirements Meet Class 100 (ISO 5) standards
Meet pharmaceutical industry standards 304 / 316 stainless steel construction
Uniform air circulation for efficient sterilization Total concealed wiring
Digital readouts of all parameters Thermal printer
High temperature HEPA filter Vibration and thermal shock resistant
Uniform heat distribution Automatic door locking mechanism

Innovative Technology

Experience the improved technique of dry heat sterilization with Bionics Scientific, a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry heat sterilizers (Depyrogenation Ovens) based in New Delhi, India. Dry heat sterilizer machines manufactured by us are perfect for sterilization of pharmaceutical products, where these systems are utilized to sterilize powder and oils, glassware, vessels and metal parts etc.

All our dry heat sterilizers comply with Quality Assurance procedures, which require validation that dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation have been achieved accurately. These machines can be bought at competitive price with variety of options and accessories.

Our dry heat sterilizer or hot air sterilizer units accept cGMP and FDA standards and guarantee Class 100 entire temperature phase (heating, sterilizing / depyrogenation and cooling). Excellent temperature uniformity is achieved in the entire sterilization chamber. The Different cycles of DHS includes Exhaust cycle, pre-sterilization, sterilization, stabilization, cooling, cycles. These dry heat sterilization systems are equipped with PLC operated fully automatic control panel, which controls all these cycles automatically. Strip chart recorders and data logger with printers are added features that enable operators to keep hard records of their every sterilization process.

Scope of Customization

As we have in-house manufacturing of dry heat sterilizers (hot air sterilizer), we offer our customers a wide range of customization facilities essential to make your work easier, while ensure optimum performance and user flexibility in the most demanding conditions. Our customization work includes Class 100 or Class 10,000 conditions, chamber size (up to 5000 liters), temperature range, loading configurations, process control and many more.


Model BST/DMH-0.22 BST/DMH-0.64 BST/DMH-1.2 BST/DMH-1.8
Capacity 225 Liters 640 Liters 1200 Liters 1800 Liters
Temperature range Room temperature to 300°C Room temperature to 300°C Room temperature to 300°C Room temperature to 300°C
Clean Level Class 100 Class 100 Class 100 Class 100
Heating  Power 9 KW 15 KW 22 KW 28 KW
Circulating fan power 0.75 KW 2.2 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW
Supplementary fan power 0.18 KW 0.18 KW 0.25 KW 0.25 KW
Moisture fan power 0.18 KW 0.25 KW 0.37 KW 0.75 KW
Circulation fan flow 3500 m3/h 4600 m3/h 5500 m3/h 6300 m3/h
Supplementary fan flow 300 m3/h 300 m3/h 408 m3/h 408 m3/h
Operating Chamber
(W × D × H) mm
600 × 500 × 750 800 × 800 × 1000 1000 × 1000 × 1200 1000 × 1200 × 1500
Outer Cabinet
(W × D × H) mm
1650 × 900 × 1750 1850 × 1200 × 1950 2050 × 1400 × 2150 2050 × 1600 × 2450
Control system HMI based fully automatic functions
Printer Thermal printer
Cooling Water cooling system
Construction 304 Stainless steel (316 optional)
Doors Leak proof doors w/ pressurized locking system
Air Supply Pressure module with pre filter and HEPA filter to ensure fresh filtered air entry
Optional - Strip chart recorder
- Provision to attach laser jet printer
- Trolley
- Trays
- Wire baskets
- Additional temperature probes
Note: Dimensions of Class 100 and Class 1000 dry heat sterilizers are same
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