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Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer

Each Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer by Bionics Scientific is designed and developed to meet the GMP sterilizing requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects. These pharma grade sterilizers are new generation sterilization and vacuum drying equipment, equipped with printer, PLC and Touch Screen HMI to provide a friendly man-machine interface for automatic controlling, automatic temperature recording, vacuum drying etc. These pulsating vacuum sterilizers use full steam as sterilizing medium and configured for either single entry or pass-through (single door or double doors)

As first stage, these sterilizers adopt pulsation vacuum exhausting process to remove cold air influence to temperature. When sterilizing process finishes, these sterilizers adopt vacuum drying to dry the materials. These units have been proven in a wide range of material sterilizing including clothes, dressings, metal instruments and glass containers.

With more than 25 years of experience and a team of talented professionals, we are bringing to you a series of Pulse Vacuum Fully Automatic Steam Sterilizers, which is in full accordance with GMP regulations and meets all designing and manufacturing standards. To maintain reliability and performance, we use only branded and imported components. Not limited to India, we also cover market of Asia, Africa and Middle East countries to give worldwide exposure. Each unit is sold at factory price with assistance of installation.

Under Contruction Units HMI Touch Panel Motorized Door Assembly


Meet GMP sterilization specifications Confirms ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 13485 standards
Certification: CE, GMP, FDA & EMEA Thermial printer for record keeping
Highly efficient vacuum drying Easy maintenance and servicing
Excellent built-in steam generator Convenient HMI
High-quality acid-proof stainless steel Convenient trays for laying sterilizing objects
Air proof & heat resistant rubber sealing Automatic control of each sterilization process
Reliable door locking device Complying to international standards
Safe and simple process control Short batch times

Technical Specifications

Model Inner Chamber (L×W×H)mm Overall Size (L×W×H)mm
Single / Double Door
Steam Consumption
Water Consumption
BST-MD-0.24 670×600×600 950×1500×1800 20 230
BST-MD-0.36 1000×600×600 1280×1500×1800 25 230
BST-MD-0.6 1170×610×910 1450×1500×1900 30 290
BST-MD-0.8 1450×610×910 1730×1500×1900 30 290
BST-MD-1.0 1250×680×1180 1580×1600×2000 40 380
BST-MD-1.2 1500×680×1180 1780×1600×2000 40 380
BST-MD-1.5 1870×680×1180 2150×1600×2000 50 500
BST-MD-2.0 1700×1000×1200 2040×2000×2000 70 600
BST-MD-2.5 1700×1000×1500 2040×2000×2000 80 650
BST-MD-3.0 2000×1000×1500 2340×2000×2200 100 650
BST-MD-4.0 2670×1000×1500 3010×2000×2200 120 750
BST-MD-5.0 3340×1000×1500 3680×2000×2200 150 850
BST-MD-6.0 4000×1000×1500 4340×2000×2200 180 1000
Design Temperature 139°C
Max. Working Temperature 134°C
Doors Single / Double (two sides) w/ pressurized locking system
Optional - Stainless steel trolley with removable shelves
- Cooling arrangement
- Class 100 construction w/ High temperature HEPA filter
- Strip chart recorder & data logger
- Provision to attach laser jet printer
- RO System
- Water softener
Power Supply 440 Volts 3 Phase

Detailed Description

Quality Standards

Our Pulse Vacuum Sterilizers are designed to meet all national and international quality standards including GMP Standard, ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 13485.


The outer and inner chambers are made of high grades stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L providing acid and corrosion resistant performance. The inner chamber is polished and easy to clean. The inner chamber is polished mechanically and chemically, meets GMP requirements and European IDF Standard as well.


The standard models of our units are available in 120 liters to 2500 liters of capacity, however we design and develop sterilizers matched with exact requirements of customers.


Our Pulsating vacuum high pressure steam sterilizers are auto-controlled by PLC, a convenient and visual operation interface of a touch screen between the user and the machine. For easy operation of the equipment the working flow and the parameters of temperature, pressure and time during the sterilization course are displayed dynamically. Parameter revision can be done based on actual conditions. Special program assembly and easy manual operation can be performed on relative requirements as well. A printer is provided to record parameters throughout the course for future reference.


Doors are made of stainless steel and are automatic motorized, level sliding or hand operated type. A provision to manually open the door is provided in case of power failure or mishandling of equipment. Depending upon use, these pharmaceutical Sterilizers are available with single or double doors. Within the double-door unit, the clean room and the sterile room can be separated to avoid cross-contamination. Doors are designed to provide enough user and equipment safety. The program can not start until the door is closed and the door cannot be opened if there is pressure inside the chamber. Moreover the airproof door is locked and can't be opened as soon as the program starts.

Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Accessories

Pipeline System

An efficient pipeline system is essential for controlling channels of sterilizer. The pipeline system includes pneumatic valve, pipelines and air filter. The pipeline is polished and easy to clean.

Vacuum System

An efficient vacuum system is the most important part of any vacuum sterilizer which is used to vacuum dry clothes, dressings and other materials. Our Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer systems use branded vacuum pump for disposing of the cool air. After the program, the chamber is vacuumed, and dried through the interlayer, also the material in is rapidly dried.

Safety System

Our Pulse Vacuum Autoclave equipment are equipped with a number of safety features which include door interlocking system, over-pressure protection, low water level protection, over loading, and short circuit etc.

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