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Glove Box with Microscope

We can fit a microscope to a glove box in order to provide our users a facility to load air or moisture sensitive samples on the microscope without outside exposure. Our glove box units allow precise control of environmental conditions for high resolution imaging.


If a client approaches us for a glove box to be used for microscopic observations, we provide him customized unit with two options: a. we fit their microscope into the glove box or b. provide a view port, in which client can get the microscope fixed by any technician.


Pressure Controller No Yes
Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge No Range: 0 to 101Kpa
(Absolute Pressure)
Valves Three manual valves Three manual valves
Two solenoid valves
Microscope Fitting Microscope view port with Flexible or movable Eyepiece
Construction Acrylic sheet
Glove Box Dimension (mm) 1150 L x 500 W x 500 H
Containment Chamber(mm) 875 L x 480 W x 500 H
Air Lock Chamber(mm) 230 L x 230 W x 230 H
Plastic thickness 6 mm
Side Door size 400 mm diameter
Glove port's size 151 mm Dia
Pressure Range Main Chamber - 90Kpa ˜ 120Kpa
Air Lock Chamber - 10Kpa ˜ 120Kpa
Glove Ports Two-Port Glove box (One Operator)
Standard accessories - Analog Pressure gauge: 01 No.
- Internal plug strip: 01 No.
- Latex Gloves: 01 pair
Optional Accessories - Butyl Rubber Gloves
- Three/Four-Port Glove box (Same-Side Ports)
- Four-Port Glove box (Back-to-Back Ports)
- Oil free vacuum pump & fittings
- Spare port (G 1/4 female)
- Shelf
- Extra Internal plug Strip
- Arrangement for Weighing Balance / Hot Plate
- Stand (Powder Coated MS / Stainless Steel)
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