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Dry Bath Incubator - Dry Block Heater

Dry bath incubators referred as such laboratory devices that provide controlled environment for In Vitro diagnostic specimen and other sample testing in tubes and micro tubes. Also known as dry block heaters, these devices are widely used in molecular biology and clinical and environmental laboratories. A dry block heater plays a vital role in incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, coagulation studies, and enzyme reactions, inactivation of Sera, restriction digests and Polymerase Chain Reaction etc.

We are known dry bath incubator manufacturer in India and our company supplies these devices worldwide at fair price with excellent warranty terms. All these units are highly user-friendly designed to provide users a convenient mean to perform regular tests.

Dry Bath Incubator Applications

Incubating DNA specimens Cross-matching and screens in blood banks
Incubating melted agar Coagulation studies
Enzyme assays Digestions
Residue tests for milk Denaturing DNA


Single, double and four blocks Fast heat up and cooling time
Step less temperature adjustment Smooth touch keypad menu
Over heat protection Easy replacement of metal blocks
Auto fault detection and buzzer alarm Blocks available in different sizes
Easy calibration when required Easy setup and operation

Heating Dry Block Incubator

These dry bath incubators are designed for applications that require heating temperature while performing various tests. Fitted with microprocessor based circuit, these dry block heaters feature soft touch key panel, digital temperature display, buzzer alarm and in-built over temperature protection. These versatile heating systems are available in single, double and four blocks made of solid anodized aluminum. Each device offers excellent temperature uniformity ±0.5°C and works with ambient 5°C to 160°C temperature range. Users can interchange desired blocks as per their convenient. We have three standard models that accommodate different sample enclosures such as vials, micro plates, PCR strips, and a wide variety of tubes.


Model No BST/DB/DH100-1 BST/DB/DH100-2 BST/DB/DH100-4
Usage of Blocks Single Block Dual Blocks Four Blocks
Block Quantity 1 2 4
Heating Time ≤30min (from 40°C to 150°C) ≤20min (25°C to130°C)
Temp Range Ambient +5°C - 160°C Ambient +5°C - 130°C
Temp Uniformity ±0.5°C
Temp Accuracy ±0.5°C  (@40°C)
Temp Accuracy ±1°C  (@120°C)
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Time Range 1min ~ 99h 59min
Blocks To be purchased extra
Power AC 220V / 110V (optional)

Heated Cooled Dry Bath Incubators

Heated Cooled Dry Bath Incubator

These dry bath incubators combine heating and cooling in one device; these systems are suitable for molecular biology applications that require close to freezing environment. Designed for long term stable operation, this device can be operated in heated or cooling mode as required. Like other models, this dry bath incubator also features digital display, touch key panel and interchangeable blocks. This device is ideal for maintaining 14°C for ligation reactions and 17°C for storing oocyte.


Model BST/DB/DC10
Temp Control Range Below room temp 30°C ~ 100°C
Temp Control Accuracy ≤ ±0.3°C
Cooling Time ≤ 10min (From 100°C to 25°C)
Heating Time ≤ 10min (From 25°C to 100°C)
Storage at 4°C YES
Auto-warming YES
Automatic resume to run YES
Power AC 220V / 110V (optional)
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