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Turbidity Meter

We present a nice selection of turbidity meters, comes in portable design and rugged construction and is designed to exceed the expectations of today's scientists, who require accurate resolution when working with Turbidity related applications in the Laboratory. These portable turbidity meter models combine laboratory accuracy and reliability in an extremely compact, portable instrument for turbidity measurement. These turbidity meters are tested on quality parameters in order to provide highly accurate turbidity measurement results.


Compact design and rugged construction Equipped with sturdy electrode
Intelligent chip design Auto calibration
Auto switches of measurement range Automatic setup to zero
Options of the units NUT, FTU, ASBC and EBC Meets requirement of EPA180.1 and ISO7027
Data can be transferred to PC Tested on quality parameters

These systems are small and convenient to use. The rugged housing ensures worry free working experience even during tough conditions of outdoor.

Employ electrode method to test which is easy to use hence no need for sampling and users can directly measure the turbidity of samples.

Feature intelligent chip design, automatic calibration, automatic setup to zero and automatic switches of measurement range.

Feature data transfer to computer via USB cable, enabling users keep the data safe for future communications.


Modelh BST-TM40h BST-TM20h
Range (0 to 4000)NTU (0 to 2000)NTU
Resolution 0.01/0.1/1 NTU 0.01/0.1/1 NTU
Accuracy (0 to 500)NTU: ±2% of reading value +0.01NUT
(500 to 1000)NTU: ±3% of reading value
(1000 to 4000)NTU: ±5% of reading value
(0 to 500)NTU: ±2% of reading value +0.01NTU
(500 to 1000)NTU: ±3% of reading value
(1000 to 1999)NTU: ±5% of reading value
Data Storage 999 groups, Display time and date 200 groups, Display time and date
Electrode ZD700-S Turbidity Electrode ZD700-S Turbidity Electrode
Communication Connector RS232 w/ software No
Power DC9V Power adapter 1.5V × 2 batteries
IP Rating IP54 Waterproof and splash proof IP57 Waterproof
Other Accessories Flexible electrode holder & Carrying Case Portable Case
Certification CE Marked CE Marked


Tap water Beer brewing Pharmaceutical Industries
Photographic material Electric power Micro-organism research
Cosmetics Swimming pool Textile
Bottled water Food Semiconductor
Sewage Industrial Water Treatment Petro chemistry

We are supplying portable turbidity meter models to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East at economical price and excellent warranty. For more information on price, delivery, warranty details please send us your detailed queries or just fill up the query form our sales team will contact you immediately.
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