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Clean Room Oven

Clean Room Ovens by Bionics Scientific meet Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanroom environment, where minimizing or complete elimination of particle contamination is prime requisite. Our clean room cabinet ovens are designed to improve quality of pharmaceutical research and other industrial production under clean conditions. All these units are designed with either vertical or horizontal air flow patterns with assurance of consistent thermal performance under all sample loading conditions. On request, we also make additional ports for nitrogen gas purging and vacuum.


Ideal for Class 100 & 1000 clean room process Temperature ambient +10°C to +200°C
Extremely safe for samples and operator Easy to clean interior chamber
Fitted with branded HEPA filters Digital Display and microprocessor controller
Excellent air flow engineering Over temperature protection
Ports for nitrogen gas purging Fully assembled and factory tested

Detailed Description

Our clean room ovens are ruggedly designed; generally exterior wall is made of powder coated Mild steel and inner chamber is made of 304 grade stainless steel, as an option 316 stainless steel can be used for exterior.

The temperature range of clean room ovens is ambient +10°C to 200°C.

Our standard clean room oven units are fitted with digital temperature controller and digital timer. Desired temperature and time are set using controller, heating is off after reaching set temperature.

Depending upon size or chamber volume, clean room oven is designed with single or double doors. Doors are insulated and fitted with sturdy handle and door lock. As option, we can use door limit switch, which switches off the machine if door is opened or machine does not start if door is not closed properly.

Our Clean room ovens are available with and without HEPA filter modules. Models without HEPA filters meet the requirements of Fed. Std. 209E for a Class 100 environment, other units that come with HEPA filters can easily exceed class 100 requirements.

Being a manufacturer, we provide our customers facilities of modifications or additional accessories in their clean room oven. Our scope of customization includes type of controllers, heating elements, MOC, and ports for nitrogen gas purging and vacuuming.

Cleanroom Oven Specifications

Model BST/CRO-072 BST/CRO-270 BST/CRO-480 BST/CRO-600 BST/CRO-720
Inner chamber WxHxD (mm) 450x400x400 600x900x500 800x1000x600 1000x1000x600 1200x1000x600
Exterior chamber WxHxD (mm) 870x1200x550 1050x1650x740 1200x1700x840 1400x1750x840 1750x1750x840
Temperature Range: Ambient +10°C to  +200°C
Accuracy: ±0.3°C
Uniformity: ±1°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Clean class Class 100 / class 1000
Construction Exterior Chamber: Powder Coated MS
Interior Chamber: 304 stainless steel plate
Insulation: PU & Fiberglass wool
Filters HEPA Filters
Air Circulation Fan or Re-circulating Blower
Heating Element Kanthal A1 Wire
Door Insulated solid door with silicon rubber seal
Controller Programmable Temperature and Time Controller
Shelves Nickel Chrome Plated Steel Wire Shelves
Safety Devices - Overheating circuit-breaker
- Compressor overload protection
- Control system overload protection
- Breakdown indicator light


- Stainless Steel Exterior
- Humidifying system
- Nitrogen inlet port
- Differential air pressure switch
- Door limit switch
- Chart recorder
- Pressure gauge
- Stainless Steel shelves
- Perforated SS Shelves
Power supply 220V 50Hz

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