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Plasma Freezer

The purpose of a plasma freezer is to provide a maintained freezing temperature -30°C or -40°C for safe storage of fresh frozen plasma, red cells, cryoprecipitate and platelet concentrates.

We manufacture plasma freezer units fitted with excellent safety features, user friendly control panel and other important facilities that make your plasma storage comfortable, safe and secure. All our plasma freezers comply with design qualifications, installation qualifications, operation qualifications and performance qualifications. Each unit meets every guidance parameters and requirements for safe storage of blood plasma. In addition, these freezers can also be adapted for other applications, where uniform freezing is required under environmental guidelines.

Also known as plasma storage freezers, these units are capable of meeting needs of blood banks, hospitals, biomedical research centers and universities etc. Exceptional temperature uniformity, durable stainless steel construction and auto-defrost refrigeration are some of the features that stand them out from the crowd of other brands available on the Indian market today. If you want to know price of our plasma freezers and other important details, please email us your query, our service department will assist you with everything you need.


-10°C to -40°C temperature range PID controller for superior accuracy
Capacity up to 25 Cu. Ft or more Auto-defrost
User friendly design Doors with lock
Audio and visual alarms Temperature chart recorder
Password protection CFC-free refrigerant
Separate inner door to prevent cold loss Caster wheels for easy mobility


Model BST-PF890 BST-PF891 BST-PF892 BST-PF893
Capacity 5 Cu. Ft. 11 Cu. Ft. 20 Cu. Ft. 25 Cu. Ft.
Type Plasma Freezer / Blood Bank Freezer
Operating temperature -30°C or -40°C
Temperature Resolution 1°C
Temperature Control PID controller
Alarm High / low buzzer alarm
Door Solid doors w/ handle lock
Air Circulation Forced Air – Maintains uniformity at all shelves
Refrigerant CFC Free
Shelves Stainless Steel
External Construction MS powder coated
Internal Construction High grade stainless steel
Insulation PUF insulation
Defrost Manual or automatic
Compressor Hermetically sealed
Power Supply 220 Volts
Certifications CE Marked, AABB, ARC and FDA Approved


- Roll-out type drawers
- Temperature chart recorder
- Heating device in front to avoid condensation
- Pinter interface
- Dot matrix printer
- Caster wheels
- Voltage stabilizer
- IQ, OQ, DQ, PQ certifications
- Remote monitoring
- RS 232 port
- USB port
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