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Ice Flaker Machine

These Ice Flakers are the most suitable Ice Flake Machines used in laboratories worldwide. With the use of international quality standard material and advanced manufacturing and designing technology, our units prove to be highly reliable and durable flake ice makers available on the market today. These systems are supplied to all over India and exported to Asian, African and Middle East countries with economical price and excellent warranty.


Continuous ice flake output CFC free refrigerant
Simple installation Caster wheels for easy mobility
Energy Efficient Noiseless operation

Our fully automatic ice flake machine models come in different sizes and capacities. With 25 to 196 kg / day output of ice flake, these ice flakers become suitable for healthcare, commercial and industrial applications. These machines are designed matching to the specific requirements of the customers. These units come with simple installation and require only connection to power supply, water and drain. Standard models ensure output with 35°C air and 25°C water and incorporate anti-scale water filtration as standard.

Construction: These units are fully automatic; CE approved and come with durable construction. Compact design, powder coated stainless steel construction and hygienic sealed water system make this ice machine perfect for installation in factory environments where people may be working around the machine.

Ice Type: Our machines can produce three types of ice including (a) Flake ice for fish industry, cooling down blood and organs etc. (b) Nugget ice for display purposes and (c) Cube ice, idea for serving drinks.


Product Flake Ice Machine
Ice Flake output 25 to 196 kg / day or more
Temperature -5°C to -8°C
Construction Corrosion resistant stainless Steel
Insulation PU foam
Refrigerant R22A / R 404A
Cooling system Water-cooling or Forced air cooling
Water connection 3 / 4” BSP
Collecting Bin Capacity Up to 40 KG
Operation Fully automatic
Flake ice thickness 1.8 to 2.5mm
Noise level 55dBA – 3m
Heat emission 2.6 kw
Safety features Over loading protection / water shortage auto detection
Certification CE marked
Power Supply 220 Volts

Our ice flakers are perfect commercial and industrial ice machines used widely in many applications from preservation of life saving drugs to restaurant or even in many industrial applications. Being a manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India, we are offering services of designing and manufacturing of ice flaker machines matching to specific requirements of customers. All these machiens are made to order and supplied with complete installation and commissioning. Contact our sales office today for for price, cost, quotation and warranty details.

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