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Leaf Area Meter

BSLM101 is a portable scanning instrument, which is used in the field and laboratories to measure leaf index area. This leaf area meter is fast, durable and perfect for accurate and non-destructive whole leaf area measurement, areas of leaf disease and associated parameters. This meter is used widely in variety of environmental applications that include ecology plant physiology, agronomy, carbon cycle study, plant pathology and entomology.

Our leaf area meter features real time image display of scanned leaves. Measurements are stored in the large internal memory. User can view results of leaf area measurement in mm, cm or inches as desired. Measurements or images can be seen on the display of the leaf area meter and can also be downloaded to the PC for more comfort. Internal backup battery provides excellent security to the stored data files. It is small enough to be used to take leaf area measurements while the leaf is attached to the plant and is capable of measuring several parameters of the leaf. The whole unite comprises of an RS232C port which transfers data to a printer or computer, high contrast LCD display, microprocessor, software, data cable, battery pack, charger, and a hand held scanner.


Suitable for lab and field applications Perfect for long and large leaf
Image storage and download to PC High quality optical lenses
Rugged carrying case Non-destructive measurement


Model BST-LM101
Measured Parameters Leaf area, width and length
Units of measurement mm, cm and inches
Scanner Optical Lense
Scanning speed 400mm / sec
Accuracy within + / - 2%
Display 16 characters x 2 lines LCD
Battery 6 volts rechargeable
Battery capacity 12 - 15 hours of continuous operation
Computer interface USB ports with cable
Specifications subject to change without notice
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