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Paint & Metal Gloss Meter

This digital gloss meter helps you to observe the various gloss factors including coating amount, substrate quality and smoothness during polishing. From matt to mirror finish, the usage of these meters ensure good quality work and eliminates various problems.

Gloss is observed by directing a light, with similar wavelength to the human eye. Gloss is measured with 20° 45° 60° and 85° angles. 60° angle is universal for all applications and 20° provides enhanced differentiation of measurement on high gloss coatings above 70 gloss units. Compiling with International Standard ASTM D4039, Our Gloss Meter can also automatically calculate Haze reading (Function available only in Gloss Meter Models with dual and triple angles)


Product Gloss Meter
Gloss Type Paint and Steel
Accuracy + / - 1 GU
Angle Heads 20°, 60° and 85°
Resolution 0.1 GU
Power Supply Rechargeable batteries
PC compatible Yes, with USB interface
Measurement Range 0 - 1000 GU
0 - 2000 GU
Sensor V(x) Silicon Photodiode
Light Source Specially Designed lamp
Memory 200 Readings per angle
Filters Optional
Accessories Carrying case, USB cable, Operating manual, Battery
Implementation of Standards GB9754 ISO2813, ASTM-D532, ASTM-C584, GB8807, GB9966

Gloss Meter Applications:

1. Measurement of Paint and Dope surface gloss on Car, Electronic appliance and Musical instrument industry.
2. Measurement of floor board, marble, granite and ceramic tile gloss on architecture, decoration industry.
3. Measurement of printing ink and paper on Printing and Casing industry.
5. Hard drawn aluminum alloys

Our company is also stockiest of imported gloss meters of International brands that are supplied with competitive price and warranty. To know more on our gloss meter please send us an email mentioning all your detailed queries. Our support team will assist you with precise information you need.

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