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We are a viscometer manufacturing company based in India and is designing and producing rotational speed viscometer systems that are perfect for testing liquid viscosity resistance and the absolute viscosity of liquids. Our Rotational Viscometers are extensively used in a variety of viscosity testing of petroleum, grease, paint, paste, food, drugs, cosmetics and other liquids. These systems are available in both digital and analog models.

Analog Rotational Viscometers:

These Analog (Dial Reading) Viscometers are the most suitable and matched with various lab standard viscosity measurement instrument used around worldwide. These systems feature easy speed adjustment, on /off control, silent electronic drive and much more. These viscometers are equipped with continuous torque sensing capability, multi-speed electronic drive and ergonomically designed speed control knobs. With easy selection of any one of 10 pre-set speeds you can get reliable and fast operation.


Viscometer Type Analog (Dial Reading) Analog (Dial Reading)
Measuring Range 1~105 10~2×106
RPM 6/12/30/60 0.3/0.6/1.5/3/6/12/30/60
Accuracy + / - 5% Newtonian Fluid
Optional Rotor
Certifications CE and ISO

Digital Rotational Viscometer:

Our Digital rotational viscometer systems are the most accurate, fast and simple viscometers available on the market. These systems offer relative and absolute viscosity while providing many user-friendly functions including auto-test with sound and visual malfunction alarm, auto-range function and User-enabled calibration etc.

These systems come with a number of accessories including sturdy stand and spindle set direct display of viscosity in centipoise or millipascal / seconds, %torque, spindle number and speed (18 speeds 0.3-100RPM). These systems also include set of spindles for low or medium viscosity. To keep these systems safe and dust free a hard carrying case is also supplied with the systems.


Models BST-DRV20 BST-DRV21
Viscometer Type Digital Digital
Measuring Range 1-100k 1-2000k
RPM 6,12,30,60 0.3,0.6,1.5,3,6,12,30,60
Temperature Range 0.0°C to + 100.0°C
Accuracy + / - 1.0% of range
Repeatability + / - 0.5%
Power Supply 110 / 220 Volts
Optional Specified thermostatic water Bath
Low Viscosity adapter
Standard oils
Micro Printer
RTD Temperature Probe
Glass Beaker With Circulation
Display LCD Display
Controls Touch keypad on front
Computer Interface Yes
Micro Printer Yes
Alarm Yes
Certifications CE and ISO

Producing both digital viscometers and Analog Viscometers, we have been serving a wide industry segment for years that requires viscometers for their various applications. Not limited to India only, we also export these models to Asia, Africa and Middle East countries at great price.

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