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Honey Moisture Meter

Bionics Scientific introduces Honey Meter to determine moisture content in Honey. This refractometer is one of the finest instruments from the line of moisture meters and is highly recommended for professional beekeepers, honey producers, honey mixers, honey brokers, or anyone requiring the most accurate, repeatable readings of moisture content and percent solids in honey.


Anti-slip & Durable housing Stainless steel sample well
Large LCD display CE and ISO certified
Strap holder for protection Rugged carrying case

This Honey Refractometer is durable, user friendly and comes in pocket design, you get most accurate and reliable honey moisture measurement in various applications. It's measurement range is 12.0% to 30.0% with accuracy of + / - 0.3%. The volume of honey which is tested is 0.3ml.

This honey Refractometer comes with ATC (automatic temperature compensation) 10°C to 75°C and boiled samples over 100°C can be measured under specific conditions. For zero setting, place water on the prism and press. This unit comes with International Protection Class IP65 Dust-tight and Protected against water jets. You can rinse off the sample by running water on the sample stage. This meter is supplied with rugged carrying case, battery and an instruction manual.


Model BST-HR300
Product Honey Refractometer
Measurement Range 12.0% to 30.0%
Measurement Accuracy + / - 0.2%
Resolution Brix 0.1%
Sample Volume 0.3ml
Automatic Temperature Compensation 10°C to 75°C / Boiled samples over 100°C can be measured under specific conditions.
Zero Key For Zero Setting, place water on the prism and press
Power Supply 2 × AAA Batteries
International Protection Class Protection Class IP65 Dust - tight and Protected against water jets.
Certifications CE

Bionics Scientific is a honey moisture Refractometer manufacturer company based in India and supplies its honey refractometers to all over Asian, African and Middle East countries with competitive price and excellent warranty.

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