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Mass Mixer

The Pharmaceutical Mass Mixer is a mixing machine fitted with powerful gear drive and a mixing paddle. Especially designed for table granulation, mass mixer is high suited for difficult and sticky ingredients. Each mass mixer comes with single speed operation; we can also provide two speeds as an option. GMP models are fully constructed will high grade stainless steel.


Mass Mixer is constructed with a mixing drum covered with a see-through cover, mixing paddle arrangement and sealing arrangement. All these parts are mounted on sturdy frame which also carries motor, gear box, starter and tilting arrangement.

Safety Arraignment

The see-through cover is interlocked. The mechanism does not let the machine start until the cover is properly closed.

Tilting Mechanism

In order to unload the material easily, a tilting mechanism (hand wheel) is fitted in the machine. By rotating the hand wheel, mixing drum is tilted and unloaded the mixed material.


Our Mass Mixer machines are designed with easy to clean and maintain features. Moving joints / parts have points to lubricate easily.


Leak proof sealing arrangement Mixing drum tilting by hand wheel
Ribbon or paddle type stirrer Uniform mixing
Easy to clean and maintain Follow GMP standards


Model BST/MM-50 BST/MM-100 BST/MM-150 BST/MM-200 BST/MM-300
Capacity 50 Kgs. 100 Kgs. 150 Kgs. 200 Kgs. 300 Kgs
Capacity 110 Ltrs. 220 Ltrs. 300 Ltrs. 440 Ltrs. 660 Ltrs
Working capacity 88 Ltrs. 156 Ltrs. 234 Ltrs. 309 Ltrs. 500 Ltrs
Speed of stirrer 35 RPM 35 RPM 30 RPM 30 RPM 20 RPM
Electric Motor 3 HP / 3 Ph. 5 HP / 3 Ph. 7.5 HP / 3 Ph. 7.5 HP / 3 Ph. 10 HP. / 3 Ph.
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